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How To Make Money Selling Firewood

Updated on August 4, 2010

How To Make Money Selling Firewood

Selling firewood is an excellent way to make money! And best of all a lot of times you can get your product for free or nearly free. This article will hopefully help you get started in this opportunity.

The first thing you will need to do is find a place to store your wood until it is ready to be sold. Find a place that is dry. If you don't keep your wood dry people probably won't want to buy your wood if it is wet. Also when it is wet it rots easier. You could store your wood in a garage if you have one available. This is probably one of the best places to store it as garages are protected from rain and other natural elements. You could also use a shed or another building. If none of these are available you could find a cement area and just cover your wood with tarp. Try to keep it off the direct ground as this is more likely to attract bugs and moisture to your wood.

Once you have a place to store your wood you will want to build your inventory of wood. There are a number of ways to do this. but here are some ideas.

MILL ENDS: Contact places such as lumber yards, mills, woodworking and furniture manufacturers and ask them if they have any mill ends you could have or purchase. Some may just give them to you others may charge a small fee. If they charge make sure the price is low enough for you to make a profit. You can get them by the truckload and package them into bags and sell them by the bag.

GET WOOD FROM NEIGHBORS: You could offer to haul away scrap fences, trees, and other wood scraps for neighbors. You could do it for free or charge them and make a little extra money. Most people would probably be happy to just give them to you if you especially if you don't charge them. You could also add a tree removal service for people and collect the wood from trees you remove.

FOREST: If it is legal in your area you could collect wood from forests. You may have to get a permit if you choose this option so check your local law before doing this option. You could contact the BLM or the Forest Service for a start. Do Not collect from national parks as this is definitely illegal. Also get permission before collecting on private property.

Once you have collected the wood you need you will want to process it. First clean out all the ones with paint, metal, and other junk stuff and throw them out or sell them cheap or free. These pieces are less desirable because they do not burn as clean. The best wood would be from logs but people may be interested in boards and other scrap as well.

After It is sorted using a chainsaw you will want to cut the boards and logs into 2 foot lengths. Using an ax you will want to split any logs you have. You can get an ax and a chainsaw from the amazon links on this page.

After it is cut you will want to season your wood. This is basically cutting your wood down and letting it sit for 6 months. This gives it time to dry and cure. You can find more info on that around the web. Unless you cut your wood from a live tree you may be able to skip this step.

After it is cut and seasoned and cut you will want to bundle it. Get some sturdy cord and bundle them in to easy to handle sizes. You can sell your wood by the bundle or the truckload or however you want.

Once it is bundled if is ready to sell. You can advertise through ads in the newspaper or on places like Craigslist. You could also put a sign on your property advertising it for sale. This will also help customers find you. You could even go as far as making a website though it is not required. Remember the more you advertise the more you are likely to make. Now go out and start making money.


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      SkelbimaiTaip 2 years ago from lithuania Kaunas

      interesting article

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      dr jim 6 years ago

      wow don't quit your day job worst five minutes of my life reading this

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      cait 7 years ago

      does it matter how you spell it? screw off

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      topper harley 7 years ago

      ax! did you skip spelling class?