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How To Make Money with Prosperent Affililate Network

Updated on December 20, 2014
Join Prosperent. Click link below
Join Prosperent. Click link below | Source

What is Prosperent?

Prosperent is a site that help you make more money from your traffic website. It has more than 4000 stores, simply use the tools provided on the site. It is convenient to promote their products through your website. I believe it would be one option for affiliate marketing.

How to use affiliate tools?

  1. Download Prosperent suite plug-in from
  2. Install and activate this plug-in on your website
  3. Go to prosperent general settings and add Prosperent API Key

3 Ways to Display on Your Website.

1. ProsperInsert is to insert products and coupons on the page or post. You can compare prices of the same product.

Step 1. Go to add new post & click prosperent button.

Step 2. Put product details you want promote on.

  • Query: Product Keyword
  • Brand: Product Brand
  • Merchant:Product from merchant
  • Country: US/UK/CA Limit: Number of items to display
  • View: grid or list

and click submit button

2. Auto Linker is to put a product link to text.

3. ProsperAd is It will display a banner similar to Adsende

How to earn money?

Prosperent pays you 30 days after receiving a commission from the stores and pay you via Paypal account.


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