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How To Manage Your Expenses And The Correct Response In A Financial Crisis

Updated on May 29, 2016

Financial crisis can take many forms and occur by various reasons. Ranging from a termination of employments, sudden illness that requires expensive treatments, losing a primary income to something taking place in a wider scale such as a global economic collapse. Still there is 1 common result: it brings considerable discomfort and financial instability. It will cause quite a problem to you and your daily life if you don’t know how to act accordingly. This article will provide you with some simple yet effective instructions on what to do and how to get over a financial crisis.

  1. 1. Preparing


Try to get rid of any current debts as soon as possible or at least keep them at a limit that can be easily managed. There is nothing worse than struggling in a financial crisis with debts on your back. A good plan for repaying debt will assist you greatly than just trying to pass every payment without caring about what happen next. Use every method and any opportunity to get free from debt.

Emergency funds

As I said, try to plan ahead. Living day by day is very vulnerable if unexpected incidents happen by which you may lose your job or need a great amount of money. Prepare some “panic money” which can be used immediately. It would take quite some time to find a new job while you frantically look for extra source money at short notice, so be careful. Your goal should be 4 – 6 month worth of expenses or being able to cover basics and necessary needs. A bank account or any types of investments would be nice but just in case do keep some cash on hand. The withdrawing process may be long and in dark time, even the bank won’t be accessible or quite possibly it goes bankrupt.


Won’t hurt to have a few extra skills which can get you a left-handed job. In a financial crisis, the chance of losing your job, which may be your primary source of income, is not low and extremely hard to find new ones. A way to generate some extra money is so helpful in hard time. Pick a few freelance project or part-time job that you have little to no trouble or even enjoy doing it so that you can get yourself a new reliable source of money. A few suggestions: translating, bookkeeping, writing short preview or article, selling homemade goods, delivery service, etc.


Pay attention: Focus on signs and traits that can potentially send you into a financial crisis: a drop of the stock market, the cut down of you company personnel, the worsening of your sickness, the incoming needs of yourself and your family, etc. This will help you to prepare sufficiently and in time.

Understanding the relation between aspects of your life: So what can you do if you see signs and traits mentioned above? The next thing is to predict what may happen. Not all “seem to be bad” sign are bad and “seem to be good” traits are nice. Inflation may signal an economic grown while the increase in wages will also do the same with the prices of goods and services.

  1. 2. Stay balanced

Control yourself and the current situation

Your emotions and ways of thinking will have a big impact on how well you can cope with any scenarios. Depressed and a negative way of thinking will make thing way harder than it actually is. But even if you ever felt this way then it’s quite normal. Tough time make people feel stressed, angered, anxious and as if you are being controlled by your surrounding not vice versa. The point is to quickly overcome it and devise a solution to get out.

Communicating and accepting

Don’t hoard everything inside, let your worries be free. Talk to your friends, families or relatives to ask for possible assistance. It may not always result in something significant but it surely relieve your burdens just by talking it out loud with someone. Remember to accept everything that have happened and work out a way to solve it. Don’t ever regret or complain about how you end up in this mess, it brings nothing but extra fatigue and stress.


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