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How To Maximize Your Website Revenue

Updated on October 9, 2011

Website Money: Can You Sell?

Making money on the internet is all about selling. There is no way to make money without selling. If you install a pay per click advertising program but you cannot sell, your cost per click will go down until it reaches zero cents.

To increase your revenue you need to write content that converts. What is content that sells?


When you write news, people looking for news are not looking to buy anything, they just want to read the news. Result: They will read and go away.

However if you write a review, they will come to that review because they are already looking for that product, they want to have that product, that's why they are reading the review. Even if you make no money with the review, the ads will be about the products reviewed. If you are reviewing a graphic card, chances are that graphic card will appear on the ads. If you review a car, cars will appear on the ads.

Contextual advertising networks will do the work for you. The more you concentrate on reviewing the more money you can make. Join an affiliate program, review all the products there, and enjoy the money. You will not buy all the products are review them, you will read a review and then write your point of view based on what you just read.

Hubpages is a great place to do that. They are stuffed with ads. But your blog is better, you keep 100% of all earnings, there is no middle man to share the piece with.

Writing is the most powerful way to make money with a website. After setting up the ads, you just need to focus on writing and networking.

It's true.

Networking is just as important as the content or the ads themselves to make money online. Your blog or site is just another in a sea of millions of other blogs, why should Google visit and rank it high? With a network of bloggers, Google pays more attention to you since there are other blogs who already like you.

Writing content alone is not powerful enough, you need a team of specialist writers with you. These writers should be able to write a decent amount of articles every day to keep search engines feed with new content. If your blog manages to be good enough, in terms of incoming links, Google will index it immediately and even show you on Google News!

To write more you need to have discipline, just thinking about writing will take you nowhere. Writing is hard and requires all your attention to produce a piece of high quality words and content. Writing alone is hard enough, but writing for search engines is even harder. Some people say you should not write for search engines and write for people instead, but you need search engines to bring you people.

SEO writing is the key!

Write with the keywords on the title, introduction, and H1 and Google will have no choice but to come for you.


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