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How To Open an eBay Store

Updated on February 27, 2017

Name Your Store

After selecting a store type it's time to name your store. Once your store is named you will have a web address to give to people you know so they can visit your store. Make sure and make the store name relevant to what your selling.

Selecting a Store Type

eBay offers three different stores. Basic, Premium and an Anchor store. Each store has a monthly cost and by owning a store you get free listing fees and lower seller fees. Also, by using a store rather than just selling on eBay you get your items listed in search engines as well. It's more professional having a store with a name that is catchy to the customers. This will draw them in to your store on eBay.

I recommend starting with the smallest store and building your way up slowly. Be sure and read all of the all of the rules and make sure that you understand before agreeing to open any kind of store and before signing any contract. There are some things that you need to know about some of the charges that you will be charged each month. There are things such as listing fees. For instance it costs 5 cents to list a book to sale and all other items are 20 cents. There are deals such as being able to list a certain number of items for free each month.

eBay Headquarters

Ebay headquarters located in San Jose, California.
Ebay headquarters located in San Jose, California. | Source

Decorate and Design The Store

An eBay store allows you to have a store banner by uploading templates are getting it off the internet. You can also use loads of colors and design patterns to help set your store up and make it appealing to potential customers. You can also arrange the ebay store with all sorts of designs and colors.

You have the option to use the tools that eBay gives you to aid in mark downs, as well as the special item for the week and other special sales. eBay is a great company to work for and they only want to see you succeed. If you are making money, they are making money and everyone wins. eBay is very strict so no matter what you do please obey all of their rules to avoid getting your account suspended or put on hold.

Have You Ever Had One?

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List Items and Categorize

List the items that you want to sell. Make sure and fill out all the required and recommended information. Be sure and give a detailed description of what you are selling.

Make sure and put all your items into categories so that customers will feel like they are shopping in different departments. Besides, your business will grow by cross merchandising and having like items near each other.

If you have an eBay store or have ever bought something off of ebay please share your experience with me in the comments box located at the bottom of this page.

Online Shopping With Guaranteed Protection

Ebay gives a money back guarantee on all purchases.
Ebay gives a money back guarantee on all purchases. | Source

Advantages of an Ebay Store

Free Listing Fees
Lower Seller Fees
Markdown Manager
Categorize Store
Customer Service Help
Advertise Store
List many different items
Decorate and Design Store
Great shopping
Pleasant transactions mean, happy customers
Seven advantages of stating an Ebay store as opposed to just selling items on ebay.

The Keys To The Store

Ebay has a basic store, standard store and an anchor store.
Ebay has a basic store, standard store and an anchor store. | Source

Selling and Shipping

When an item sells in your store its important to ship it as soon as possible and provide feedback to your customer. Also, provide tracking information when you ship their product. If you use the ebay shipping service and print labels from home eBay will give your customer all the tracking information and other info that they need.

Note: You will need a printer and a postal scale in order to ship items from your home to the customer. Always send the customer a note or a business card with their purchase to remind them of upcoming sales or other deals your store is offering.

Add Inventory Monthly

Keep the store fully stocked and keep a wide variety of items for your shoppers to choose from. Every month be sure and add new products to keep your store fresh and appealing.

Always tell everything about the product that you can. A full description will help customers make a decision. Take as many photos as possible and take pictures of any price tags, logos, etc. Do not leave any recommended specifics to chance. List anything and everything you can about the stores products to help promote higher sales.

Make sure and note if the items being sold are new, used or new without tags. Check all items especially clothing very thoroughly for damage or stains. Do not ruin your reputation by selling low quality products inside your store.

How To Market Your eBay Store

Location of ebay (San Jose, California)

Manage Your eBay Store

Their are several tools that eBay supplies to help you manage your store. The five listed below are the best ones and by utilizing them your store sales and reputation will grow. Always leave feedback for your customers thanking them for their recent purchase. This in turn can also lead to repeat business.

Markdown Manager: This device highlights items that you are putting on sale or clearance for the customer. Using markdown manager shows your customers your specials.

Promotion Boxes: These boxes can highlight special pricing, limited time offers and any other promotion your offering to get the customers attention.

Promotional Flyer: These flyers can be created and printed for free. They can be sent to customers who buy an item from you.

E Mail Marketing: Anyone who signs up for e mails can get emails sent from your store showing sales and great deals that help drive sales to your store.

Sales and Tracking Reports: These professional reports help to identify which items are selling the best and it tracks which areas of the store gets the most visits.

Feedback is important. Always leave feedback for your customers and try to do everything to take care of them. In turn your buyers will reward you with positive feedback which is important.

Advantages of an eBbay Store

© 2013 Buster Johnson


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