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How To Organize Your Business and Personal Life – By Not Doing It Alone

Updated on November 27, 2012
Organized your business life
Organized your business life

Organizing Your Life

Are you feeling that time is running out so fast but still more work to do? Don't you have enough time to do it all? Maybe it’s true; you cannot do it all... alone. Perhaps it’s time to admit that you need help, and about time to have an assistant – the one that could perform some of the tasks on your behalf to lessen your workload.

If it is obvious that disorganization is all around your life - more work piling up with the business, less time with the family and no time to unwind; but you are eager to correct your current situation then the first thing you have to do is to STOP doing it all (for a moment) and think of ways on how to regain balance in your life.

Ways To Organize Your Business and Personal Life

Here are some ways to take on how to organize your personal and business life. Let’s see if we can manage your time a little better.

1. Make a list of the things that are significant to you from the most important to the least ones.

For instance:

Top 1 – Family (spending more time with family, providing more to my family, expressing my love more to my family, etc)

Top 2 – Work/Business (gaining more customers/clients, more income, more businesses/expansion)

Top 4 – Money (ways to make more money, etc)

Top 3 – Church (improve my relationship to God)

Top 5 – Leisure (Vacation, travel, relaxation)

2. Make a list of the things you are doing or the tasks you are performing and the roles you have in your life?

A. For your family (be specific as much as possible)

1. Provider – I am the sole provider for my family.

2. Father / Mother – I prepare food for the family, I need to tend to my children, I have to send them to school everyday, etc

3. Husband/wife – spending time with my spouse, helping my spouse in household work, dating my spouse or partner…

4. And so on…

B. For your business / work (be specific as much as possible)

1. I am the Manager of the company. I manage the business and the people.

2. I oversee the employees/contractors and clients

3. I look for potential customers or clients

4. I do even the small projects and every tasks myself (what are these small tasks)

5. And so on….

Life and Work Balance
Life and Work Balance | Source

Now that you have outlined your priorities in life, it is much easier to determine how much of these tasks or roles you are willing to pass on to someone. These next steps maybe hard to figure out but if you’re starting to make-up your mind, you’ll see that it’s much easier to handle your responsibilities.

3. Can your business survive without you in one day? In a week? In months?

If you’re unable to work in case of emergency or for some reason, does your business go about its daily activities? Or it can’t carry out without you? Does business freezes when you are out of the picture?

4. If you get sick or take leave of absence, who takes over your responsibilities? Do you have someone to perform the tasks for you?

More likely than not if you are doing it all, no one will take care of the things you do when you’re gone. No one knows how to do the things you perform because you haven’t taught someone to do them or haven’t even told anyone about them. Without you the business won’t run. And if your business won’t run without you, it won’t survive and grow without you.

5. What are the tasks or responsibilities are you willing to pass on to someone to decrease your workload?

1. E-mail management

2. Book keeping

3. Contractors or employees management

4. Schedule appointments

5. Website Management

6. Data entry / Research

7. Make & receive phone calls

8. Social media marketing

9. Lead generation

10. Personal travel arrangements

11. Customer service

12. And so on…

6. Is it possible to assign these tasks to someone without greatly affecting your business processes?

It is understandable that there may be some changes in your daily routine if you hire someone to take on some of the workload. The first few days may be tough but consider that it will get better and this decision is for the best. Hiring a loyal and reliable Virtual Assistant may be your best option to re-organize your life.

7. Are you ready to hire someone financially and patiently?

Hiring an assistant to help out with your business takes a lot of patience since the first few weeks or even months you dedicate a part of your time to train him or her on how to do things your way. You can also prefer to lay the tasks out to your chosen assistant and let her figure out the best way to do things on her own way. But still you need to guide her through the transition process to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding.

It also means additional expenses when hiring an assistant. Of course, you have to pay her or him for the services rendered. VA’s are often paid by the hour. How much are you willing to spend per hour, weekly or monthly for your VA?

What now?

These questions if answered are more likely to be your entry to re-organizing your life. You have to understand that “less business work means more personal and family time”. Plus, with all these questions answered, it is much easier to hire your first Virtual Assistant. The one that can help you lessen your workload and assist you in managing and promoting your business. With this complete list, you already know the things you want from your potential assistant. You have outlined the tasks you would assign to her.

You have to believe that much can get done by two people than one. Put also in mind that it may take an assistant or two to perform all those responsibilities. But when you spend less time with each of your business affairs while still getting ahead of your business with the help of a competent Virtual Assistant, it is also highly possible to regain your control over your personal life.

Yes, less work and more time for yourself and with your family!

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