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How To Pass Job Interview?

Updated on November 17, 2011

Job Interview Tips

Preparing for a job interview is like going on a date. The factors, such as, what or how to dress up, how to speak or express out yourself and, most especially, how to sell yourself to an employer will most likely to be considered before going on a job interview. The following are the do's and don't's that a job seeker must kept in mind to become successful in handling job interview:


1. Be professional and courteous. Greet employer with appropriate respect. Call him Mr. or Ms.

2. Dress up Accordingly.

3. Sit with a proper posture. Stay calm, poised and at ease. And, look alert.

4. Answers questions politely,accurately, honestly, and frankly. Give full information.

5. Familiarize and/or memorize all your job experiences including the dates, salary, description of the job and the reason you left.

6. Prepare yourself to illustrate how your training and work experiences become an asset for the job that you are applying for.

7. Be confident, and enthusiastic. Use good English and speak clearly.

8. Be positive all the time- in your thoughts and in your words.

9. Smile.


1. Refrain yourself from calling your respective employer "Buddy", "Dude", "Jack", "Pal" or any like.

2. Ignore the feeling of being nervous, tensed, and worried. If it's inevitable especially for the first timers, then hide that feelings.

3. It is advisable to be confident but don't talk too proudly about what you have, what you can do, or what you have done.

4. Refrain from telling them your negative attitude, such as, " I've been always late when I was in college."

5. Don't talk to much.

6. Don't be tactless. Mostly, do not argue with your prospective employer.

7. Do not mention any negativity about you. For example, family or money problem.

8. When applying for a job or going on a job interview, do not bring friends or mother with you because your employer may conclude that you are immature.

Applying for a job or going on an interview is totally a big challenge for all of us go through successfully. When it comes to job interview, most often than not, employers or interviewers, would likely interested on how you answer rather than what is your answers.


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    • ayanbuaya profile image

      ayanbuaya 7 months ago

      Thank you. I like that you appreciate it....

    • margocod profile image

      Margaret Horton 7 months ago

      Seems like you are really an expert with that, huh