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Want To Pass Your Upcoming Interview?

Updated on June 12, 2012


A smile and a handshake goes a long way.
A smile and a handshake goes a long way. | Source


Okay, you should now feel a sense of accomplishment! All of the time spent filling out applications and taking long questionnaires has landed you the job interview. Pat yourself on the back because you have made it! I bet you're wondering " What am I going to do about the interview right? ". Well not to worry because I am going to provide you with all of the necessary tips for your upcoming interview. Yes, consider this basic training and prepare to lace up the working boots.


I realize this is tedious work and who likes reliving high school right? Wrong! Finding out your new place of employment will definitely land your feet in the door. Find out about the background of the company, how it originated, where it started, and what who started it. These are crucial elements for your upcoming interview! Try google, yahoo, or perhaps Bing to search in depth. The main reason you want to know these factors is when your future employer asks you questions like " What do you know about this company? " and " Why would you want to work here? " you will be well prepared. Another way to explore a company is their website. Browse their website and see exactly what they have to offer. You might want to see how they stand with the economy and ethic values. This is a great way to know what to expect before, now, and in the future.

The Interview

Confidence is KEY!
Confidence is KEY! | Source


Make sure you know your responses like the back of your hand. This is very crucial! Employers will pay attention to what you say and how you say it. So confidence and self-assurance will most likely get you hired. Some great ways I practiced is in front of a mirror, with a relative or friend, or perhaps with a video camera. Tape your responses and see if you stammered or were at a loss for words. These are the small details that you must improve before your interview. Confidence is KEY!


Now, when I say history I mean employment history. Employers today will ask you about previous jobs and what skills you have acquired from them. The reason for this is because employers look at previous performance so they can expect more in your future performance. Makes sense right? So, be prepared to make detailed and efficient answers when your employer asks you questions of previous employment. One good way to start is make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses, emphasize skills, praise your values, and interests. If you want to really impress your employer gather some interesting questions to ask your employer on the interview. Remember knowledge and confidence is KEY! Don't think of it as your employer interviewing you but more of interviewing each other to make sure this job is a great fit for you. Lastly, write down some ways that you may benefit this company if hired. Employers are very impressed and eager when they see that you are already to offer the best.


Now, I don't want to sound like your mother here but make sure you go to bed in a timely manner. Your brain must have sufficient " charge time " to give your best performance. Eat a healthy breakfast! After all breakfast is the start to your day! OK, so now you're dressed and ready to head out the door. You have a copy of your resume and a list a great questions for your new employer. Make sure you leave a little earlier than usual. Employers love to see eagerness and promptness and it shows that you are reliable. I would say around ten to fifteen minutes early as the max. Don't show up an hour early because your employer may have scheduled meetings before you and will feel the need to rush. Lastly, make sure you know your interviewers name and use it in your responses. This shows courtesy and your employer will be highly impressed.


Funny, but TRUE
Funny, but TRUE | Source


When walking in to your interview make sure you keep level headed and as calm as possible. I understand that this is a very nerving step but it will pay off in the end. I would usually listen to beach music or any other form of calming music to help settle down. Keep your responses in mind and ask to clarify the question if you did not fully understand. Employers will see this as you making sure you understand before you act and is a very good quality to have. If you have trouble with a question take a moment or two to evaluate your response. Don't sit there all day! But, take a moment to think about your response. Lastly, your interview is over and you have made a great friendship with the interviewer. As you leave his/her office make sure you shake her hand and tell them thank you for the interview and refresh them on your interest in the position. Once home, make sure you start writing a thank-you note to your interviewer for the time they took interviewing you and that you hope to hear from them soon.

Interview Do's and Don'ts


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