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How To Prepare For Bank Exam?

Updated on March 23, 2015

Bank exam preparation

Nowadays banking field is one of the main careers choosing by the graduates in India. A large number of vacancies are there in the banking sector .Job seekers is mainly looking for these opportunities through the bank exams held by either the state banks or by IBPS which is an institute with 19 public sector banks as their clients. IBPS exam is one of the important bank exam conducted twice in every year. Because of the competitions in these recruitment you must attend the exam very well to get a bank job. It is not an easier task to attend the exam because in all the exams around 20 lakhs candidates are attending. There are some tips and steps for attending the bank exam in a successful way.

Tips for attending bank exams

(a) Prepare the exam in test wise manner

Usually the bank exam question paper contains the quantitative aptitude tests, test of reasoning, test of English language and test of general knowledge including computer knowledge. All the papers are important because each paper has separate cut off marks, so candidates must prepare each tests very well. Candidates must know about the weight age of each test in the exam and give more concentration to the test with more weight age.

(b) Study general knowledge and learn daily matters

Study general knowledge as it is one of the main test in the exam. You must be up to date about all the affairs in the newspapers and from the social media’s. You must well prepare about the history, geography etc. of India and current affairs in the world.

(c) Time each test

Candidates must adjust their time of attending each test. The test of reasoning and the test of quantitative aptitude require paper works, so more time should be given to these tests. Other tests do not require any paper works, but answer these tests carefully in the allotted time. Always you must bother about the time; otherwise you will be run out of time to answer all tests.

(d) Read questions carefully and answer it

You must read the questions carefully before answering it. A simple mistake in understanding the question may led to false answering, because you will find an answer in the option which is same as your answer. As the false answering leads to negative marks it is important to understand the questions very well.

(e) Avoid questions that you don’t know

Avoid the questions that you don’t know anything. Answering such questions has only 25% chance to succeed. As there is negative marking it will adversely affect your total marks and thereby your chance of getting into the rank list.

On-line Coaching classes will be absolute benefit for the bank exam preparation and nowadays you can find online trainers in various subjects across the internet. Make the most of it and prepare well for the bank exams.

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