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How To Prepare to Work an Outdoor Job

Updated on May 25, 2017
Matthew DeWitte profile image

Matthew DeWitte is a current student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeking a triple major, and plans to attend graduate school.


Gathering The Equipment

Outdoor work requires many tools and clothing items. Weather can be extremely spontaneous and it is good to be ready for anything that comes. Items like a jacket, raincoat, boots, extra pair of pants, and some extra socks are clothing articles suggested to bring. Other tools such as a multi-tool, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a watch, and various other common items are all good pieces to have as well. An outdoor environment, unlike an indoor, is always changing, and preparation must be handled as such.


In order to work many jobs outdoors such as landscaping or groundskeeping, one must be physically able. Many jobs require lifting heavy weight or involve being on your feet all day. If you have experienced awful back pain or cannot perform physical actions all day, an outdoor job may not be the best option.

Knowledge on using dangerous equipment and safety precaution is also very essential to preparation.Man-operated machines such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, golf carts, excavators, and more may be needed outdoors and proper safety is necessary in order to maintain a healthy work environment. In most cases, supervisors will explain and continuously quiz there workers on safety precautions, to ensure proper care.

While working outdoors is much more demanding, the perks may be beneficial to certain people.



There is a wide variety of perks when it comes to working outdoors. One gets to be outside all day, which some people find more suitable, they are not stuck behind a desk in an office, and the experience of nature's beauty is always outstanding. Working outdoors can help one get in shape or remain healthy, the fresh air combined with rigorous activities plays a vital role in strengthening the body. Outdoor occupations pay very nice, even for low entry positions the pay is almost always more than an indoor entry job. Most companies provide free lunches for their outdoor employees as their labor is much needed and well-thanked. Working outdoors can be engaging for a certain type of person, as there is always a new task or job that is required of one's expertise and skill.

Concluding Thoughts

Working outdoors can be extremely rewarding, with the necessary preparation and experience, some consider working outdoors as favorable when compared to a regular "nine to five" desk job. Outdoor work is geared for a certain type of person, and is perfect for those who just enjoy being outside.

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