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How To Promote A Blog Online

Updated on October 23, 2012

How To Promote a Blog Online

So you started a new blog. You have taken the time to write very informative articles. You now have a well develop blog with which you hope to make a decent living online. But the main ingredient is missing. Traffic or visitors to your site, without which you cannot make any money.

To get traffic you will have to promote your blog online. This is so because creating a blog is one thing, but getting visitors to your site is another. People will not know about you blog if you do not let them know about it.

To make your work a little lighter i have compiled a to do list that will help you to promote your blog online and enable you to get the traffic you need.

1. Submit your blog to the top blog directories. Here is a good list to get you started. List of directories

2. You should strive to have your blog indexed completely in the main search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN/ Bing.

3. A must have is a Google Sitemap for your blog to help get it fully indexed.

4. Join and participate in online business networking sites like LinkedIN, SoFlow and eCademy.

5. Use social bookmarking services so that your visitors can bookmark your blog or post on site such as Delicious, Digg, Furl and Technorati.

6. You should submit your blog to the best blog directories online.

7.Syndicate your blog Rss feeds to the best Rss directories.

8. Have a good list of pinging service enabled in your blog to ping the search engines and directories every time your update your blog.

9. Participate in forum, discussion group and communities in your niche.

10. Use a clean blog design and write eye catching headlines to get the attention of your visitors.

11. Allow comments to encourage discussions on your blog posts.

12. Set aside some funds for Pay per Click advertising in Google Adwords, Bing network marketing and Yahoo Search Marketing.

13. Advertise on Angies List, Craigslist and Gumtree.

14. Employ the use of a newsletter or ezine along with your blog.

15. Get links from other blogs that is in your niche.

16. Develop relationships with other bloggers on sites like Mybloglog.

17. Start a Ning network and connect with like minded people.

18 Create an e-book as free giveaway with links pointing back to your blog.

19.Set up and develop a profile on online social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo etc.

20. Write and submit articles to the top article directory like, and Make sure you have a link in your bio which points back to your blog.

21. Create podcasts from your articles and distribute them on etc.

22.Create a squido lense and include you blog url in your profile.

23. Distribute and syndicate your articles and podcasts via your RSS feed


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