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How To Promote Your Business Effectively Using Podcasts

Updated on July 12, 2010

First Things First

What are Podcasts? Before I go into the meaning of it, the original term was coined when Apple came out with the term for their release of the iPod. They develop a new form of broadcasting information which (later on become very popular amongst non Apple users and soon around the whole world) allows distribution of content through various forms of media. They can be radio, video podcasts or RSS Podcast feeds. Each of these podcasts can be downloadable, episodic and mostly form a component of a program or a talk and they are also updated regularly with new content.

Bearing in mind that podcast are used to broadcast content, it is very useful to let other people know what you are doing for your business. I’d like to call it buzzing the community (or the entire internet world if your influence is that vast). I’ve not seen many people using podcasts for their business let alone promoting it and making use of it to get more people to know their business?

I won’t go into the technical aspects of podcasting but I’ll discuss a couple of ways to promote them.

Make Them Search Engine Friendly

As with all things on the internet, not targeting specific keywords can mean the difference between ranking next to nothing or getting into high ranking territory and thus more searches and more traffic to your podcasts. Make good descriptions of your podcast before posting them.

Post Your Feeds On Social Networking Sites

Make good use of social websites. Most of them have the option to add other content including podcasts. It is a great way to show your followers or friends what you’ve been up to or introduce your business. Podcasts can in fact get more attention since behind the podcast is you running the show and there is better human interaction there.

Offer Subscription

I’d like to call this making a good organized index of content for your readers. Not everyone will be there when you first started your podcasts. Some may come in the middle or some may only start following your podcasts towards the end. Some may have never heard of it until you’ve finished it and they would like to hear it. Make a good list and email to your followers. Emails can serve as a great reminder to listen to your podcast. If they choose not to receive emails, offer them RSS feeds to subscribe.

Make Comments

Find out who else is also doing podcast in your own niche! Subscribe to their podcasts and make comments. You will be surprised how much you can learn from listening to people’s broadcast and use that knowledge to supplement your podcasts.

Get Feedback and Comments

Having feedbacks and comments is also a good learning opportunity to improve your podcasts. Allowing interaction attracts followers and compels them to stay and listen to your podcasts then those that don’t offer feedbacks and comments.


These key points are essential in promoting your podcasts effectively. If you haven’t had a podcast yet start one and apply the above and you will see improvements in terms of listeners and subscribers to your podcasts which indirectly helps promote your business.

Use Wordpress to Podcast to ITunes


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