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How To Pull a Shipping Order

Updated on October 3, 2019

Items Needed to Pull a Shipping Order

Floor Jack
Box Cutter
Customer Ticket
Customer Labels
Tape Gun
Blind Labels

Before You Begin Pulling Your Order

  1. Pull a customer ticket from the work station.
  2. Write your initials and the shipping dock number on the finished ticket. Then Place the ticket on your finished pallet.
  3. Look over the ticket to make sure that the items listed on the ticket have the location that is needed to locate the items and to see if it will need to be pulled from the active or is already sitting on the shipping dock. (If the product is a full pallet, then 9 out of 10 the lead person has already had the stacker driver bring it up to the shipping dock for you.)
  4. Make sure you have the correct labels if the customer requires their very own specific labels.
  5. You want to log into your wand using your password.
  6. Grab your floor jack, and you are ready to begin on your customer ticket.

Pulling the Customers Order

  1. Scan your ticket with your hand-held shipping device (wand).
  2. Your 1st item on the ticket will appear on your wand, showing you the location where you need to go to retrieve the product.
  3. Place your shipping ticket and your labels if you have any in your basket on your floor jack.
  4. Pick out the correct pallet that is specified by the customer before beginning to pull the order. If you can't get the floor jack to go inside of the pallet, then lower the bar on the jack as far as it will go to the floor. Allowing the front of the floor jack to rise so you can smoothly go over the thick wood it is trying to go over.
  5. If the pallet needs a cargo box or cardboard added, go ahead and place that on your pallet.
  6. Once you have your correct pallet on your floor jack, proceed to the 1st location showing on your wand.
  7. Now that you are at your 1st location look at your wand to see how many boxes are needed to fulfill the order.
  8. If there are not enough items in the bin, then tell the lead person the product number so that he/she can have the bin filled.
  9. You also want to make sure you put the most significant quantity number of boxes on the bottom of the pallet. That way, you are not chimney stacking the product, and you can keep an even square going though out your pallet, preventing your items from falling off your pallet as well. {So if the 1st item is not the most massive quantity, then look at your ticket to see which location has the largest amount of boxes and skip through your wand to find that product listed in your wand.}
  10. If the bin you are at, has doubled racks (one behind the other one), get a stacker driver to front the one in the back.
  11. Always remember to use the 3 point contact when going in and out of a bin. So you don't twist your ankle or fall out of the bin.
  12. If the customer requires you to put labels on their boxes, place them in the correct place on each box the customer has specified.
  13. While you are waiting for the bin to be filled, move onto your next item in your wand, and proceed to the following location. If that was the only item on your ticket, then go back to the working station and get another ticket to work on while you are waiting for the active to be restocked.
  14. If the pallet gets too heavy to pull or push and there are still other items on your ticket, split the rest of the ticket off onto a blind label so that you can begin a new pallet. {Never overfill a skid that could cause you to be injured while moving it.

What to Do With Your Finished Order Ticket

  1. Take your finished pallet back up to the correct shipping dock so that a Quality Control (QC) person can check to make sure you have the right items on your pallet that goes with the ticket. If you split any items off onto another ticket, then you will need to reprint the original ticket plus the blind label so that each pallet has the correct ticket attacked to it.
  2. If the QC finds anything wrong with your pallet, then you will need to fix the problem before the pallet can be shipped out to the customer. It could be some of the following issues.
  • Too many boxes of a product on the pallet
  • Not enough boxes of product on the pallet
  • Wrong product on the pallet
  • Not stacked accordingly to the customer specifications

3. If your pallet required a cargo box because it will be shipped out internationally, fill out the correct paperwork that goes with the cargo box for the shipment. And if you are using a cargo box on your pallet, always make sure you are using a heat-treated pallet.

Always remember to practice proper safety procedures when doing shipping, so you don't injure yourself or others.

Shipping Hours

When working in shipping, you never really have a set working schedule. Customers expect their products shipped out to them by a particular time. So sometimes you may only work 8 hours, while other days you may have to pull a 10-12 hour shift day. It all depends on how many customer shipping tickets you have for that day.

Shipping hours is not complete until all the freight has been shipped out for the day. So I suggest that if you want just an 8-hour shift working day, please do not apply for a shipping position, because there will be many days that you work way beyond that 8 hours you were expecting to work.

Climate Conditions

A warehouse is never the most comfortable climate. In the wintertime, it is always freezing, so the employee has to bundle up. While in the summertime, the warehouse is so hot that if you don't stay hydrated, you could very well pass out from getting too hot. Or even have a heat stroke.

If you have medical conditions that require you not to work in the hot heat, I do not recommend you work in a warehouse pulling shipping orders.

Always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Have you ever worked in shipping before?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 KathyWheelerJouini


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