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How To Reprogram Your Mind

Updated on January 1, 2013

Why do we constantly struggle with changing or getting what we want?

Why is it such a hard thing to lose weight?

Why do we seem to change for a short time and then just fall back into old habits?

Simple? Right?

Once you realize the answer, it will seem simple.

This technique is very powerful and still used today in many movies and commercials.

Most of our programming comes before the age of 6. After that, we spend a lifetime trying to unravel it and make new paths. Unfortunately, most of this is done using willpower and determination, which is only on a conscious level.

95% of what we do is controlled by our subconscious. So, why do we keep trying to change by changing only our conscious mind? Advertisers have recognized that by programming our subconscious minds, they can manipulate us in ways that we do not even recognize.

Think about this. Does McDonald's really need to advertise any more? Of course not. Everybody knows they exist, but they continually bombard our minds with images and words so that every time we think of food, we think of McDonalds. These people are no fools.

We actually do this same thing to ourselves every day. We look at images repeatedly and we listen to words and also talk to ourselves. To be blunt about it, people who constantly look at porn, often end up raping someone. Think about it!

Our teenagers are listening to provocative music all day long. Compare that to the teenage pregnancy rate. It is not a coincidence.

We say things to ourselves and others like this:

Losing weight is hard
School is hard
The holidays are tough
I never have enough time
I'm too busy
I never get to do this
Money doesn't grow on trees
I can't afford this

And so on! These are all statements that we repeat to ourselves. Every time we repeat it, we create another thread to that statement. After so many threads, we now have a belief. Our beliefs are what controls our behavior.

So. Simple, right? Flip the switch. Start programming yourself fornwhat you want!

Losing weight is easy
School is fun
Money is everywhere and so on!

Now that is simple. Bombard your mind with images and words and you can reprogram your mind to automatically think what you want to think. What you think about, you bring about. Period!

Below is a video that is a sample of what I am programming my brain with. I watch it three times a day. When I wake up, at lunch, and before I go to bed.

This is the first step to changing yourself and to start getting what you want.

It will take some time to change, but be patient and stick with it. Afterall, it took years to get you where you are now. You're worth it!


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