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How To Sell Your Stuff Online- The Easiest Way Yet

Updated on May 31, 2012

Selling Online

Most of us have things lying idle somewhere in our homes. In fact, some have so many that they actually forget about their possessions until they see them again by chance while looking for something else and then they remember. This discovery of long-forgotten possessions that are in perfect condition, working condition, or simply having reasonable remaining lifetime for actual use is the perfect opportunity to consider selling online.

How Selling Online Works

Before anyone considers offering anything for sale online, prospective sellers will just have to satisfy two basic requirements: ownership and the willingness to part with the things being offered. No one wants their time wasted so if you are just putting up something for sale just to see if anyone will actually be interested and have no actual intention to sell, then you should just stick to offering those you actually want to dispose of. Serious buyers can then put their attention to other items being offered.

The usual route to go to sell stuff online is through an online store which specializes on such transactions. It usually charges a minimal fee and gets a certain percentage once the item is sold. Pricing can be based on a fixed amount or through an auction where the best price is determined by the bids of interested buyers. Payment is coursed through a pre-arranged portal such as PayPal and transactions can be in cash or credit card.

The Established Online Selling Places

There are so many familiar names in online selling and each have managed to ingrain their identity in the minds of consumers. Amazon and eBay are probably the most known among them, dealing with a wide range of item categories while offering their services worldwide. Craigslist is another and is often used for heavier or bulkier items. Amazon is also an often-used site for buying. eBay allowed the auction process to become simpler where more people can participate while Craigslist is said to have taken the place of newspaper classified ads.

There are other specialty sites catering to specific items for sale such as Shutterfly for selling pictures, Etsy for handcrafted items, and Artfire for quality artworks, among others. All these sites offer the advantage of having a ready market because of their respective followings. However, this has not prevented many online sellers to try their luck using their own sites.


What's New in Online Selling?

Just when we thought there can be no manner of online selling that can be more convenient than the existing ones, Gumroad enters the scene. Gumroad, Inc. was initially established as an online service that can be used to buy and/or sell digital goods. Digital goods can refer to source codes, design templates, or any piece of content or intellectual creation. The selling principle here is to make the sale of these virtual goods as easy as sharing a link. By wrapping the items for sale with individual Gumroad links which has been uploaded by sellers with designated prices, sellers are free to place the links where they wish to. Buyers can just click on the link if interested.

Sellers are given the advantage of having no monthly fees to pay or bandwidth charges to contend with. The site only retains 5% plus $0.30 for each item sold. There is no limit set for the number or size of products. PayPal is again the portal of choice for making payments to sellers.

It did not take long for the same principle to be applied for non-digital goods. Online sellers can now offer any physical item for sale through Shippin. Since physical goods are now involved, the transaction will require an additional step of creating a shipping information form. The seller is also given a Gumroad link which can be used in the same manner as mentioned above. Shipping arrangements are made between the seller and the buyer since the shipping information can be sent once the link is opened.


What's Next?

There is no doubt that online selling will be made more and more convenient as time passes. This then give us no reason to unnecessarily hoard items that can be of better use to other people. Selling unwanted stuff that are in good condition not only gives us more living space but also allows us to earn money without the need for a physical store to offer them.


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    • MariaTeresaM profile image

      Teresa Martinez 5 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks, there's always room for more convenient options.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      You have great ideas thanks for the helpful Hub