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How To Skilfully Manage A Creative Team For A Productive Output

Updated on April 26, 2013

Managing a creative team can be the toughest of tasks one can ever encounter.

The creative team members are generally temperamental. They cannot work in a routine corporate environment. But for a creative department in a corporate sector it is very important to regulate the team while still providing them creative freedom and making sure of 100% output.

• A creative team should be provided with adequate refreshments and breaks during work. The working premises should be lively and good with proper ventilation adequate light and space enough foot space.

• If you are not a part of a corporate set up the creative team should be allowed casuals in office. This will keep the office atmosphere cheerful and lively and help in the generation of creative idea and great work.

• Creativity comes from freedom and a desirable environment, constantly stressing out the team with unreachable deadlines is a bad idea.

• Make it a point to listen to everybody’s suggestions during a brain storming or idea generation process. Give every idea its due importance while exercising your authority to choose the best or blend a few.

• Let the team know that you are putting in equal or even more amount of hard work and gain the respect of your team.

• Provide work flexibility, it is very important for a team of creative people as creativity comes from freedom and not control.

• Assign tasks according to the temperament and skill set of each member of the team.

• The most important part of managing a creative team is acknowledging good work. There might not be any reward but appreciating an idea or a creative design could be a major motivation for an employee.

• If good work gets the deserved praise it would also motivate other team members to put in their best efforts.

• If there is a major achievement or a project that gets approved, any design gets an award or gets good reviews make it a point to celebrate with the team. This helps them feel connected and work with more enthusiasm.

• Do not criticize a team member outright. Find out more tactful ways of rejecting ideas or designs.

• Have an inventory of videos, books and other stuff to keep your team updated about the recent happenings in your particular field.

• Discussions on the latest designs or new introduction and implementing any new ideas should be conducted regularly.

Watching movies and online inspirational work related to your field of work with the team on an assigned day of the month is also a good idea.

• One more important thing can be allowing the individual to decorate his or her own cubicle with inspirational posters, or any other stuff that personalises that space. It is greatly impactful and the builds up an emotional connection between the work space and the employee.

Paying your employees well is also one of the important factors though it is not always the only motivating factor. Also creative people and artists tend to like and stress on the work that provides them a creative outlet neglecting the routine documentation and other paper work. As a manager, team leader or owner of a firm that deals with creative work you should make sure that your team keeps all the paper work up to date.


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