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How To Start Money Making Website

Updated on March 7, 2014

Are you wondering how lots of webmasters and website owners are making billions of money? This is the right place for you.All you need to do is built a niche website & it will start earn you money within 30 days.

-Find Niche & create niche website
-Get Domain Name & WebHost
-Website Designing(Theme & templates)
-Write First Article
-Create Backlinks
-Write more descriptive articles
-Create Sitemap for your Website
-Search Engine Optimization
-Generate More Traffic
-Apply for Google Adsense
-Monetize your Website

Congrats!! You did it!

Choose Your Niche

To choose niche for your website, you need to think about area in which you are expert.For that you can do one thing.Just take note and pen and write anything that comes in your mind.You can write anything and that will be the thing in which you are expert.So I will recommend you to create your website on the same topic you written on that page.

Get Domain Name & WebHost

If you are seriously want to make money from website for lifetime, you need to be a professional.You can not depends upon free domain like or any other free domain & hosting provider.So I will recommend you to choose the best website hosting & best Domain name for your niche website that is reliable in price and affordable to you.

I have been using Bluehost webhosting since last 4 years and hostgator has also lots of positive reviews. If you are thinking to go for premium webhosting, I would recommend you to go for Bluehost | Hostgator or Dreamhost.

Website Designing(Theme & templates)

If you are coding master than I will recommend you to make your own coding for designing website.If you have set up WordPress website, you can directly upload any free WordPress magazine like theme on it.

That is necessary step because if you are having website with good and attractive theme, user will find easy to navigate through your website and you will get more pageviews as well as loyal readers for your blog.
You can install some best recommended plugins on your WordPress site that will empower your WordPress blog. If you do not like to setup free themes for your blog, you can hire a professional web designer for your company and pay him for managing your website theme and data.

If you want to go for premium theme, you can prefer to go for Genesis Framworks or Swift Premium Theme for free. Swift theme is now available to try for free for 45 days. I would recommend you to try it for ones. It has pagespeed score more than 90+ at Google Pagespeed insights. Page loading time has great effect on SEO and readership.

E.g. If you try to browse any website, it is taking around 5 minutes, you would probably close that website and try opening other website. The same thing would happen to your blog, if you have not maintained your blog loading time, it would increase bounce rate and ultimately you would lose traffic game.

Write First Article

After you set up all things proper like domain, hosting, theme and all, you can now start with writing your first articles on your blog.I will recommend you to create a good articles with more than 1000 words per post, so that it will create good impression on search engines and will index your website quickly on Search Engine Results page.

Create Backlinks

After you finished writing your articles, create backlinks to your website from various high PR websites.If you get more backlinks from high PR website, the more PR will have of your blog.There are mainly two types of backlinks available which are dofollow and nofollow.So if you are getting backlinks from dofollow blog, your blog will have more reputation while getting nofollow backlinks will have no impact on Search engine but they are too important in link building.

Try Bookmarking & Backlinking

You can use high PR bookmarking sites, to get backlinks from those sites. Social bookmarking sites would have major impact on incoming traffic or referral traffic to your blog. Number of visitors that are coming from referral links, would give your site, more exposure and affiliate conversations.

Write more descriptive articles

After creating backlinks for your blog's first articles, you can go for writing more articles on your blog so that you can have little encyclopedia of your niche on your website.
Write as many articles as you can on your newly created website and update it daily so that search engine will think that your website is alive and index it more quickly and you can get quick organic visitors from search engine.

Create Sitemap for your Website

Next thing is to create sitemap for your blog.Sitemap is generally a file which contains all list of urls on your blog so that search engine would easily find it and index it on search engine results fastly.

Search Engine Optimization

Try to optimize your website for search engine.For that you can perform image search engine optimization and content search engine optimization.For image search engine optimization(SEO) you can add alt tags to your each images and for content search engine optimization you can do link building, guest posting, social bookmarking, blog commenting, meta tags, keywords to your blog posts, submit your blog URL to major search engines, blog directory submission etc to optimize your content for search engine.

Generate More Traffic

After you trying all this above things, your blog will be able to drive traffic from search engines and from backlinks you generated for your blog.According to my experience, if you are doing all above mentioned things for your newly launched blog, your blog will be able to get at least 1000 visitors per month within just a week.

Apply for Google Adsense

Now after you have created website with unique content and articles, go for searching advertisers on your blog.So that you can generate money from them and run maintenance cost of website.Now apply for Google adsense.Generally Google adsense approving account more than 6 months lod but if you have unique and high traffic achieving blog than you may get it with 2-3 months old blog.

Google Adsense


Monetize your Website

After you getting Google adsense approval, create adsense for content ads unit and add it on your blog.Remember that you can add upto 3 link units and 3 adsense for content ads unit with 2 search bar on your site.Try best ads placement on your website to get maximum income from Google adsense.

When you have monetize your website, your blog will have capacity to generate 10,000 visitors per month.So it is not bad at all for newly launched blog to get such traffic and it will generate money from Google adsense for you.

You can also jump into affiliate marketing, add amazon or other affiliate link/images/banners on your blog to earn from referral income.

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      Nizam Khan 5 years ago from Hyderabad, India.

      This is really very informative and useful. You have provided some great instructions. Thanks for sharing and voted up:)