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How To Go From Under-achiever to Over-achiever

Updated on July 14, 2016
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A blog writer/musician. A year ago, a friend and I started a few blogs...So, we write!

Underachieving and overachieving are two completely different conditions experienced by many people. They are noticed in sports, in children, academics as well as the corporate workspace. While overachieving is defined as performing far better than normal, underachieving is defined as performance which is far below the potential.

Many people stress from both of the conditions, but certainly being an overachiever is better than being someone stressed with underachieving. Underachievers can however transform to overachievers easily. With the mistakes, lack of interest, too much socialization or no social life at all and disorganization all gone in the past, an underachiever can transform to overachiever.

If you consider yourself as an underachiever, we recommend you to practice these strategies and become an overachiever:

  1. Challenge Yourself - Challenge comes from within, and the best way to start the mental transformation is deep inside you. Create challenges and mini celebrations for each - you really deserve them, don't you?
  2. Make A List Of Things You Want To Change About Yourself - No one is perfect, but facing the things you are not good at and changing them is the real trait overachievers have. You can start channeling your mistakes and eliminate them one by one by simply listing them out.
  3. Get Inspired And Read - Reading about famous people and influencers who become instantly successful will trigger your mindset to the change you need - and give you the overachieving potential.
  4. Set Attainable Goals, Accomplish Them And Set Higher Ones - This three way process works best for overachievers - and it can work for you easily. It's simple - you set goals, accomplish them and then set higher goals. Without actually knowing it, you will become an overachiever in everything you do.

At last, overachieving will not only make you work more productive, it will create a better person out of you. You will be excited, take criticism as valid, take actions and be constructive at everything you do.


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