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How To Vent About Your Job Without Getting Fired

Updated on September 25, 2011

We've all come home from a terrible day at work, and all we want to do is talk to someone and get things off of our chest. Some people are lucky enough to have great friends or significant others who are willing to lend an ear, but sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes a boss, co-worker, or customer will say or do something that finally pushes you over the edge, and you feel the need to let the world know just how terrible it was. With all the various social networks out there, the internet seems like the perfect place to vent your frustrations, but sometimes that's the worst thing you can do.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube oh my...

We've all heard stories about waitresses getting fired for posting Facebook statuses about bad tippers and bosses getting wind of someone's "tweet" badmouthing the company, resulting in their termination. The most recent controversy that hit the news waves is about an employee who wrote a song about customers and posted it to YouTube. After his employer saw it, he was fired. Most of the viewers comments were those of support and resounding agreement. Anyone who has worked in customer service can relate to the rants and complaints made on these social networking sites. Just because what people are complaining about is true doesn't mean that broadcasting your opinion for the world, and more importantly, the company you work for, to see is the best plan of action.

With newly implemented privacy and security settings, most people think that if a profile or update is private, they're safe. But just because your boss or company can't see what you're putting out there directly doesn't mean they won't see it eventually. Some of your "friends" may not be as nice as you think, and if they see something that you've posted that they believe may push their career forward, they'll make sure that your boss sees your post. Even well meaning friends may accidentally put your private post out there for people to see. If a private tweet about your boss or job resounds among your followers, they may "re-tweet" it. Once it's re-tweeted, it's no longer private.

Many will argue that the first amendment guarantees the right to free speech, and that anything that is posted on a personal blog page or networking site is private and perfectly acceptable. However, most people that are employed are considered "at-will" employees, meaning that an employer can fire you for any reason at any time(except for reasons protected under federal law, such as race, religion, gender, etc.) That being said, if an employer sees something you've posted online that degrades the company, management, or customers, you can be fired immediately for your actions, regardless of the fact that they were done outside of work.

But You Can Still Vent!

Just because it's not the brightest idea to post your complaints on your own page doesn't mean you have to keep your lips zipped. There are lots of websites that allow you to vent, post opinions, and rant, and it's all anonymous! By using these websites, you can get all of your frustrations out without worrying about the repercussions. Also, you can read other peoples posts and you'll know you're not alone, or maybe you'll find that your situation isn't all that bad!

An employee was fired for publishing this video on YouTube

At some point, you're going to have to vent some sort of frustration about your job. When you do, be smart about it, or you may find that you won't have a job to rant about.

Do you think a company has the right to fire an employee for posting a rant about their job on the internet?


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    • profile image

      worktirade 5 years ago

      here's another venting site: you can post there anonymously, just like some of the other ones listed here.

    • maryerhope profile image

      maryerhope 6 years ago from Sussex, UK

      Sometimes i am just amazed by my fellow human beings! how can they post blatent insults about the company they work for and not realise that it will get back to the boss/firm in some way? With tools like Monitter and the like, all our communication channels can easily be viewed by those who need to protect the reputation of the organisation.

      Now I'm not saying that people don't get fed up and angry with the incometence around them but it is a thing to be dissipated in private and not broadcast.

      I had a neat trick when i was wound up and angry... I took all the bottles to the bottle bank and threw them in yellign the name of the person i disliked... very cathartic and no chances of repercussions!

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      Great Hub! I think that people who have a job now should be glad they have one in this economy and while I support freedom of speech it doesn't mean you can say anything and think it's okay. Just like racist, sexist, and any other form of discriminatory language is not tolerated in most places, so is ranting about a job. Most companies that are in the private sector don't have to face any laws in terms of firing someone so I understand that they would want to protect their business and their reputation by firing people who don't have respect enough to at least try to vent their frustrations in a dignified if not private manner.