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How To Become A Volunteer For The American Red Cross

Updated on September 5, 2014

I have been volunteering since I was fifteen years old. I started out by completing the American Red Cross certifications in first aid, CPR, life-guard, and just about every other course they had available 30 something years ago.

I was a cadet first-aider on the local first aid squad and then moved up to be a regular member. We always worked with the Red Cross and they have always been a great organization to train with and respond with during disasters both great and small.

I am now a full Disaster Action Team, DAT trainee member and I work with some of the most giving people on earth; giving of both themselves and their time. We help victims of disasters from house fires to floods. We provide them of all the things they need to survive but most of all we give them hope. We let these people know there are others who care about them.

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy | Source

It is difficult to know what a feeling of true hopelessness feels like unless you have experienced for yourself or you have been around people that have. When you help people like this it teaches you about the hardest parts of life; loss, pain, suffering and even death. Sometimes those very things are our greatest fears and we all have them; no one wants to see another suffer in any way. How would you like the opportunity to face those fears head-on while helping someone who is living them.

When you give of yourself and volunteer for the American Red Cross, you feel like you are part of a global task force for good. You are. Whether at a local shelter or at a national disaster, you are part of a global team of true heroes.

You provide food, water, shelter, a warm blanket and hope. Parts of you are drawn out you didn't know you had, and the feeling is indescribable. Now more than ever, in every corner of our country we need people like you, caring, compassionate people willing to give of themselves for the greatest return one could ask for.

Volunteering for the American Red Cross is easier than you think. Follow these simple steps to begin your journey with purpose.....

One way to sign up as a volunteer is through your local chapter in person.

  1. Your first step would be to go online and find your nearest local American Red Cross chapter that is convenient for you to get to. Use the links below to aid you in your local Red Cross chapter search.
  2. Contact that chapter by phone and schedule a time to meet with that chapter's volunteer coordinator.
  3. Follow the steps outlined by your volunteer coordinator and that's it, easy as that, you are now on your way to one of the most rewarding opportunities to give of yourself with one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world!

Another way to volunteer is to fill out your application on line at the web-site for that specific chapter.

Use the link below to locate your local chapter and again you are on your way to one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences you could wish for.

Emergency Response Vehicle
Emergency Response Vehicle | Source

One of the many ways you can serve your community and The American Red Cross is to become an Emergency Response Vehicle driver, ERV for short.

ERV drivers respond to such things as house fires where they will tend to the needs of both the victims and the responders to the fire. ERV vehicles can feed up to 300 people when necessary and the can provide emergency nesssecities such as clothing and toiletries, as well as items for children and infants.

ERV drivers provide all of the essentials of life to people who are most in need such as food, water, shelter, clothing and most of all compassion. Lending an ear or having a hand on someone's back, or even holding someone's hand who is scared can make all the difference in the world to someone suffering from a catastrophy.

Steve West, Ed Piotrowski and his dad at Holes for Heroes campaign.
Steve West, Ed Piotrowski and his dad at Holes for Heroes campaign. | Source

Volunteering and fund raising for The American Red Cross is a great way to become part of the community in a way greater than just living there. You get to know your neighbors and share the one thing all humans love to do.............give to and help other humans in need.

Cooking hamburgers and hot dogs at a miniature golf event is a fun way to get out, enjoy good weather, and be a force for good in your own community. You have the opportunity to become part of the community when you give your time to The American Red Cross.


There truly is no better feeling you can have than when you help a complete stranger, for both of you. Giving compassion and hope to someone in need is free, however it has the most value of all.

Thank you for reading this Hub and thank you for taking the time to consider joining the best organization in the world, The American Red Cross.

Be an angel, like me.


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