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How We Are Going To Create More Jobs.

Updated on September 10, 2012

How It Happened.

How did we lose so many jobs? Are we at fault? What did we do wrong?

These are all important questions. I will intentionally leave out the government from this. They played an obvious and important role, but aside from voting, nothing we can do about that.

The issues with employment currently revolve around people not understanding the economy. Buying products and services from outside the country, not supporting local business, business evading taxes by putting head quarters in foreign countries. Each dollar matters. Let's take a small town for instance. If I have $10, I go to the dinner and I buy a burger, fries and a pop. That dinner gets $10. They pay the cooks, the waiter, the owner, the rent, the repairman. They also order product and equipment from outside of town, that money leaves. The town loses that money forever. How does it come back? Someone works in another town and commutes, farmers grow crops and sell them out of town, visitors coming in and agencies like the Police and Fire department.

Why does this matter? Well, if there is 1,000,000 dollars in a small town, and slowly that money leaves, less people will eat at that dinner. Less people will buy things at the local shop, until it goes out of business. What happens to that town? It becomes a ghost town. The economy crashes in any setting if the money going out is more than the money coming in. Currently even in the crisis we are in, we have more money going out than in. Each time we buy something from a foreign entity, we are sending that money elsewhere. Maybe $10 is not much, imagine all 330million Americans doing that. That money will never come back. Imagine.

How Do We Fix It.

There are a lot of steps to fix it. It will be a long process. It will require careful research on every persons part. We need to know where the things we are buying are coming from. We need to make sure we aren't getting something for nothing or throwing money away.

We need to control our own spending, not in the 'don't spend it' sense. I mean in a spend it properly sense. Spend it in a way it will help someone else earn a paycheck. Help the country get back on its feet. It is important to keep that money within the country in a closed system until exports catch up to imports. Each person is responsible for working hard and getting things done. Money is a measure of work. This means we are at a multi-trillion dollar shortage of work. That is a lot of work.

Spend your money locally and don't borrow too much cash. Money you borrow only adds to the problem. In our world today we need real money, real work, real currency. There is no substitute for this.

We can each fix this problem. We cannot rely on anyone else, we cannot rely on another country.

We are Responsible.

Do You Buy As Much As Possible Locally?

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