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How Web 2.0 Can Help you Find a JOB

Updated on May 27, 2009
Corporate American Failure
Corporate American Failure

How Web 2.0 Can Help You Find a Job

The News is full of Downsizing.

Microsoft announced today it will lay off 5000 employees, POOF just like that. It's been a problem that Corporate America is failing American Employee's for more than just the last 2 years when the Media decided to start talking about it.

(I was downsized twice in my career- ouch!) Now many others are falling victim to the ever increasing DIVES that Wall Street Companies are taking.

If you visit job boards like Career Builder, Monster and Hot Jobs, you will find that you can post your resume so that any employers who have jobs available can find it. You are also going to see something that once upon a time was never allowed to be on any of these sites...

Opportunity ads. That require investment for a "Home Based Business".

There are millions of them! Because Corporate America just isn't posting as many jobs, the Job Boards had to keep the money coming in and started letting Opportunity Ads to PAY to be listed in job searches. (This is a sign of the times and just how crazy its getting.)

There is however good news and its the Web that is making a big wave...

Utilize SOCIAL MEDIA connections
Utilize SOCIAL MEDIA connections

Web 2.0 Job Hunt Basics- Start Here

 Let's keep it simple.

Utilize your Social Media Connections.

Ask your friends in FaceBook and MySpace (and LinkedIn etc) if they work for companies that are looking for talented people. Especially if those "friends" are in your area.

Place an add in these spaces, if the option is available and be Specific on what you are looking for. Don't be afraid to advertise in Craigslist too.

Ask your "friends" in these groups if they know of any Networking Groups that you can attend? Make sure you know the time and place. The flow of the meeting and that you have business cards with you to hand out. Also, Network and mingle. Make sure that you meet the right people so if you have to go with a friend then do it especially if they can introduce you to others.

Now the INNOVATIVE stuff...

INNOVATIVE ways to Find a Job with Web 2.0


Open a Gmail account and download the Google Chat and Google Talk feature which will open up new ways to communicate with your networking. Just go to

This email system is fabulous and can be customized with colorful labels to help keep you organized. Make this account YOUR job account. Use this address on your resumes and web pages. This way everything that has to do with your search lands in one spot.

In your Gmail, you will have the option to create Google DOCS and Pages. Use the Pages feature to create a personal Resume page. This way only you have the URL address and can send it only to those that you want. Google Docs is nice like WORD and super user friendly. It allows you to create with photos, video and HTML codes. You can create a unique and special resume with this feature.


Another feature of Google but with a twist this is blog and is easy to build.

I built one whoisjohniredd which you can look at. Here I posted info about myself and Yes I put my resume on there and even included a video.

Yes You Tube and video can ROCK your Resume!

Creating a You Tube account is easy and upload too. I shot a video to match that Blogger page and have found several new clients to add to my portfolio! That means I have several Jobs since I live on building relationships and accounts.

Make a You Tube video about yourself.

Again, Be specific about what you are looking for and don't be afraid to be a real person. I was, I even had some fun with mine and didn't try to be a stuffed shirt.

Video ranks high and spreads like wild fire accross the web because other video sharing sites pick it up when you post it to You Tube so make sure the title and key words (meta tags) are drawing the right people to you. (Remember that google page you built? Post that URL to your new Fabulous Resume in the video description!)

Always tell a prospective employer in your cover letter that you have a video where they can meet you!

Depending on the place you are posting your resume you may or MAY NOT be able to provide the link. (See terms of service for each place you are posting) If you CAN then do.

If not Tell them about it and that they can EMAIL you (at your Gmail address) to request that link. Many employers will jump at this and they LIKE to see you before they meet you.

It also shows that YOU are an outgoing individual. If you are willing to go on camera on You Tube, you probably aren't an Introvert! (shy)

And now for the news: What's Hot Right Now in the Market!



Unemployment Snowballs at Half a Million Per Month

That means American job loss will hit 15 Million by August 2009.

As unemployment snowballs to the tune of 500,000 job losses per month by August the U.S will have 15 Million unemployed. Where are all of these people going to look for jobs. They are rushing to the Internet. People are keeping their Internet connection over their land phones, cable and etc because the Web provides a way to stay connected in so many ways.

Tell YOUR Story and Start Something New...

Tell your story. Let people meet you and hear what journey you have had.

Don't be afraid to start something new!

When I was in the job market it sucked! Plain and simple even though I had impecable references and experience there was nothing available in my area and I wasn't (at the time) in a position to move.

Because I had been in Sales and worked on 1099's before I thought why not go out on my own and start my own business? Here is my story to that adventure! I now teach others, Network Locally and Globally and have a great life and make a damn good living!

You have to take the first step and get the Education

and for the real meat on starting something new...


Increase Resume Value with NEW Savvy Skills

I noticed a HUGE niche, one that is International!

If you have been Downsized like me. Are used to working 1099 and Commission Only, Going to Networking Events and being a success...

The only thing against you is that Corporate America and the Big Bailout on Wall Street Failed YOU! You want to increase your resume Value $$$

You do this with education and learning a new skill, one you have read several hubs and blogs about. Internet Marketing.

Its more than just online, even President Obama has these social savvy web skills as well as his staff. The news (CNN) called them the Web 2.0 White House and let me be clear... Obama got elected based on his Web 2.0 connection to We The People on line.

Think the Web can't help you find a job? Is there a higher job in the country than President?

Here is where I went to school to learn all that you will see in the video and I use these skills to live and work in the Real World as much as I do online. I made the investment and committment to myself and I am doing very well. I know many others LIKE ME who could do the same thing and in this economy YOU HAVE TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX :)


this will lead you to my new page where I share even more details for branding and standing out!

Share Your Knowledge and Savvy

Add some value to this hub?
Add some value to this hub?

Have a great idea to add?

 Smart and savvy people hang out in HubPages. If you have a great idea to add that worked for you, or a friend, Please Rate and Leave it in the comments below. I love the input and communication, and checking out other savvy people here.

Thanks for being Social with me!

Johni of myhappylaptop

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      Lgali 9 years ago

      useful hub good info

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      Great hub. Loads of rich information!