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How Will You Advance Your Engineering Career?

Updated on June 24, 2013

It is easy to lose yourself while struggling with deadlines, client demands and time pressure. That is why you should take time to strategise your own career priorities which is far more important than your next big project. Thus, the blog post will guide through some of the crucial factors for an outstanding career in engineering. It will assist you to develop professional goals that will ultimately lead you towards the path of success.

So, here are some of the important steps for creating a successful engineering career.

Set a career goal:

Every job demands a strict deadline. Therefore, if you do not set any goals and targets, there is a high chance of getting trapped in this cycle wherein you will somehow complete your project but will not realise where you are actually heading towards. Goals always act as an important principle for your career, if you lack goals, you may find yourself in a big trouble.

Put an emphasis on mentoring… young engineers should find a good mentor:

To find the right source, check out with the human resources department. Several organisations offer mentoring programs which the employees are not aware of. On the other hand, you may also find some engineering societies with programs that can help you to assign a career mentor. Lastly, you can simply check out a few mentors from the Internet. You never know, you might come across some of the best mentors who can guide you to manage your career efficiently.

The right networking advice:

If you visit several events and get unlimited business cards, let me inform you that this is not networking; it’s only skimming the surface. On the contrary, you cannot act as a salesperson as well- it is quite an unprofessional attitude to walk up to anyone and say that you are an engineer with an X amount of experience who can design anything related to the job. The person on the other hand, will not have enough luck networking for you.

Networking actually means building healthy relationships. Even if you meet people at the events, follow up, Call them or even invite them for lunch or dinner. Although it’s professional, still human beings love to work with and be around with those whom they can trust.

Do not get stuck in the same role for years after years:

If you aren’t moving up the corporate ladder, it’s high time you should check how your company is reviewing you. Every company review their employees once or twice a year and the truth is that, the majority of the engineers remain unprepared for the review. They should keep a track of all their work in advance and know how to present their endeavours to their employers.

If you think your accomplishments are overlooked, you need to voice your opinion to your employers. Otherwise, you will gradually build resentment which only stagnates your own career growth at the end. Therefore, you must definitely approach your supervisor and see where you are heading towards in your organisation.

The rule of email-management:

As an engineer, you have to deal with numerous emails in your day-to-day activities. However, most of them allow emails manage them instead of they respond to it. As soon as you receive an email in your Inbox, respond or delete it immediately according to its importance. Do not let the emails pile up on you. Thus, you must designate a couple of minutes in a day to check your emails. You will find that you are more productive in between those times.

Beside these objectives in mind, the most important thing about engineering jobs is the determination to step up the ladder of success.


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