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How to Make Money Online With Basic Computer Skills

Updated on April 7, 2018
mireland19 profile image

Meagan is a mother to two young children, a freelance writer, and a waitress. She has spent countless hours trying to stretch a dollar.

How You Can Make Money From Home Online

Great ideas for everyone!
Great ideas for everyone!

Teach Someone Something

Tutoring can be an amazing way to earn extra money and help someone better themselves at the same time. There are any number of things a person can teach, cooking, language, academics, and this list goes on for miles! If you think you are especially good at something, teach it to someone else!

What You Have To Do - Teach someone something you already know a lot about! Are you an honor student? Help someone else study and increase their grades! Can you play an instrument? Teach someone else how to become the next big thing in the music industry! Who knows, you may enjoy teaching and make a career of it!

Earning Potential - It depends on what you are teaching, and who you are targeting as your students. Some parents will pay up to a hundred dollars a session for a great tutor who has a lot of references and success stories. Others may pay very well to learn life skills or computer skills. Either way, it is a great way to earn money and with applications like Skype, you can do it online!

One of the most frustrating things as a human and a parent is wanting something but not being able to afford it. Driving past big beautiful houses while desperately wishing that your home was even half that size. Watching a plane take off and imagining the passengers are off to faraway adventures, while you cannot even afford to go to McDonalds for lunch.

Living paycheck to paycheck each week can be enough to make anyone feel a desperate need to make more money, but you can't just go to your employer and demand it. Most people don't have time for a second job because they are already playing the juggling game between relationships, kids, and work. So what can you do to start earning an extra income without having to have a second job?

Fortunately, there are legitimate ways to earn extra cash from home, and all you need to do it is a computer and some basic skills. If you have internet access and know how to operate a computer, you are already halfway to earning your first penny! Let's look at some of the great ways you can make money online. Keep in mind that most of these things won't get you rich overnight, but they could mean the difference between being broke and living comfortably.

Sell Your Photos Online

If you have even an ounce of talent as a photographer you could be making money already! There is a huge demand for content and everyday that demand grows along with the internet.

What You Have To Do - Create profiles on stock photo websites that allow users to purchase people's stock photos to use on their websites. The customer is paying for the right to use the picture as content on their website or article. Once you create profiles, upload as many pictures as you can in a wide range of subjects. People like unique and eye-catching content.

Earning Potential - There is money to be made by doing this but it will not make you rich. The problem lies with the design of the website, because you have to wait for someone to find and buy your picture. However, just one picture could be downloaded over and over again! It depends on how much content you upload, and how many different sites you utilize!

Doing Surverys Online

Okay, this is one of those "it works if you work it" scenarios. There are so many survey scam sites out there that people often have had a bad experience. However, you can make money from a legit surgery site.

What You Have To Do - Sign up with legitimate marketing research survey sites, and avoid the ones that claim they pay and then don't. Once you are signed up they will ask some basic questions about you and your household to determine which surveys are right for you. After you complete that part they will either send you surveys you qualify for, or you will have a dashboard with a list of surveys you can take.

Earning Potentials - This is a legitimate way to make money at home from your computer but it is not without its risks. Beware of websites that claim you will get rich quick, you won't. Also if a website asks you for an initial sign-up or membership fees, run away! You normally make anywhere from 0.10 to 0.50 cents a survey but if you do enough of them each day that can add up quickly!

Design Websites or Company Logos

Are you creative? Do you think you could create or improve a companies logo? If you said yes, you could be making a decent income online! Everyday businesses turn to social media or the internet to promote their product and they are in need of a motivated and creative individual to help them with this.

What You Have To Do - Find jobs or offer your services on job marketing websites like Fiver. If you have an idea for a company design you could always pitch it to the company directly and see if they bite. Another thing to watch for is competitions, where a company will ask for submissions for logo ideas.

Earning Potential - There is a lot of money that can be made as a designer in the digital media world. Website design is an amazing way to make money from the comfort of your own home, Many website designers make a very comfortable living and make their own hours.

Sell Clothing With Catchy Phrases

Cafepress is just one website where you can sell items with phrases or logos that you designed. So if you have a funny saying or picture in your head, stick it on a coffee mug and start making money today!

What You Have To Do - Dream big little one! Put on your thinking cap and start dreaming up clever and catchy phrases and pictures. Today's generation love weird and silly things, so even if it seems odd it could be the next thing to go viral. Look at fidget spinners, enough said!

Earning Potential - You could make nothing, or you could come up with the next big thing! It really depends on the market, your design, and the target audience. Most likely, you will make a decent side income from it.

If you can think of a funny slogan or picture, you could be making tons of money!
If you can think of a funny slogan or picture, you could be making tons of money!

Turn Your Hobby Into Cash

Some people love knitting while others enjoy making jewelry. Whatever your hobby, there is probably a market for it. People love handmade things. Maybe it is the thought that someone put time and effort into it or it could be that it is one of a kind, whatever the reason is, it doesn't change that people will pay good money for handmade things.

What You Have To Do - Have a hobby that involves making things, and sign up to websites that you can sell those things on. Amazon and EBay are perhaps the best known for this but there are millions of websites like them. You could also make your own store on eBay, or page on Facebook.

Earning Potential - It depends on what you make and how actively you market it. There might not be a big market for crocheted doll dresses, but people who are looking for them may pay very good money. On the other hand, people might only pay a couple dollars a pair for handmade earrings but you could sell thousands of them!

Make Online Videos

People love to watch videos on Youtube and in the last couple of years focus has shifted from blogs to Vlogs. If you have a quirky personality or something interesting to talk about, you could be making YouTube videos.

What You Have To Do - Come up with fun video ideas that would generate a lot of traffic, and then film yourself doing those ideas. Do you like to cook? You could be making cooking tutorial videos. Like to do crafts with your children? Yep, you could make videos about that too! Have an interesting debate about a trending issue? People will watch it, and probably share it with like-minded individuals!

Earning Potential - The way it works it you upload a video to a video sharing website and then get a portion of the revenue generated by the ads they place in the videos. If you get a lot of traffic you could make a very good living from this! There are people making a job out of Vlogging and earn very good money, but they put hours a day into it!

Re-Sell Used Books Online

There are a tons of websites that allow a person to sell used books. In fact, there are sites designed just for that purpose. Text books to best-sellers, a person can sell anything and it's easy too!

What You Have To Do - Get some books! Hit up thrift stores, yard sales , or any other place where you can find books cheap or free. Set up accounts on websites that specialize in book sales and sell those books! Ship them out and collect your payment!

Earning Potential - Depends on if you sell a couple of books a month, or make a job of it. There are people who make a living from selling used texts books, they buy them cheap and flip them online to collage students, who cannot afford to buy new ones. You will have to pay the shipping price but a couple of dollars is not a huge dent in your profit.

Everyone has old books, turn them into Cold cash!
Everyone has old books, turn them into Cold cash!

Write Online Content

Hello, my name is Meagan and I am a freelance writer. I would be silly if I didn't add this one to the list! You will not get rich quick, but can make decent money writing for the right places.

What You Have To Do - You absolutely need to have a basic understanding of the English language, and how to put together a well written sentence. You don't have to be an English professor (although I'm sure that would help), but you should be able to write a paragraph that doesn't confuse the heck out of your readers! No joke! I have been directed to sites that I was astonished were even mentioned on search engines! In any case, if you can string together words, you can be a writer!

Earning Potential - Unless you get a great gig with a high paying company, the earning potential is on the lower side. You can make good money as a writer, but it is hard to find good paying jobs because their is so much competition! If you like to write you can start a blog, write online articles, or answer questions online, and hope that it will eventually lead to a steady revenue stream! Another possibility is to use a freelance website such as where you can find people willing to pay for specific content. Most people pay around $3-5 dollars an article or blog post on sites like that, but you can earn more once you have built a good reputation.

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    • cinderella14 profile image

      Sharon Lopez 

      12 months ago from Philippines

      Great article! I used to work as a call reviewer/auditor for several years but now, I am concentrating on writing. Though reviewing calls is a good way to earn, I also want to do something that can help me express my own thoughts and opinion.

    • mireland19 profile imageAUTHOR

      Meagan Ireland 

      3 years ago from Maine

      Louise .... LoL thank you for noticing and pointing that sentence out!

    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 

      3 years ago from Ontario

      Hey Meagan great post do you know of anything online in Canada. Oh and by the way not to be the grammar police but check your section write online content second sentence. It reads a little off thanks for the great tips

    • mireland19 profile imageAUTHOR

      Meagan Ireland 

      3 years ago from Maine

      That's pretty awesome! Glad that works out good for you! I had an aunt that did that, she would grab things at yard sales and eBay them, you have to have a keen eye for what people will like!

    • Linda Courtney profile image

      Linda Courtney 

      3 years ago from Bloomsburg, PA

      I personally just started on Etsy. On Ebay I was averaging $150-200 a month until July hit and sales have dropped substantially. I do the thrift store thing and sell for a profit that way.

    • mireland19 profile imageAUTHOR

      Meagan Ireland 

      3 years ago from Maine

      How much do you make, what sites?

    • profile image

      Joseph Gallon 

      3 years ago

      By doing online surveys.

    • Linda Courtney profile image

      Linda Courtney 

      3 years ago from Bloomsburg, PA

      Good article. Some of these ideas I put to use myself. Like the writing of course. Handmade things I find sell the best on Etsy. On Ebay everyone wants cheap. I've often thought about selling stock photos myself. Someday...


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