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How Your Sales Career Goes Full Circle

Updated on October 15, 2013

Well you've gotten that job in sales that you were looking for - outstanding work on your part ! What is the focus of your job ? In sales it is to produce.

The easiest path for me to follow has been to set goals and objectives and then try to meet or beat them.

Essentially here is the Full Circle Sales Path that you will take.

•Stage 1 - Get Any Business

• Stage 2 - Do a Lot of Business

• Stage 3 - Go for Big Business

• Stage 4 - Full Circle Back to Any Business

Stage 1 - Get Any Business; The first thing you are looking for when you've first started that new career is to get any business; you want - and need - that first sale, or that first order. You don't care how or why it comes your way, and you’re so excited and full of energy!

As a new or junior salesperson you should be willing and able to tackle whatever is thrown your way. Many times your company may give you contentious or difficult to handle customers to start. What this really means is that others within the company don't want to work as hard as it will take to get this business. However you’re new, you’ll do whatever it takes.

Treat the situation like a "real one”, provide excellent service, treat the customer with respect, and you'll get their business. Furthermore, the customers will also like you.

Guess what? You are getting the business and you are now on your way.

Stage 2 - Do a Lot of Business; The next stage in your business career path is to attempt to get a lot of business. You've had a quick start, received your first few orders and rounds of business, and have shown that you do have the sales skills needed; you also have aptitude - now you want a lot of business.

Everyone knows you’re now willing to take anything thrown your way. This then gives you the opportunity to crank up your speed and your accuracy rate; and, before you know it you will be starting to pull away from your other sales peers and doing a lot of business.

Stage 3 - Go for Big Business; It takes many sales people years to get to the point of only wanting to handle big business. You've climbed the sales mountain, you’re looking out at the vastness of it all; and congratulations, you are handling the top 10 percent of the company’s business. When you speak, people listen to you, and your sentences and manner show your confidence. It is a good feeling to have made it to the Big Business stage but always remember that big customers bring big problems.

I always judge a company by the way they handle their problems. My best advice to you is to always try to handle any problem situation as promptly as possible. No matter how big or small the problem, your reaction time shows that you care and have the ability to provide Super Personal Business Service and can go for big business.

Stage 4 - Full Circle Back to Any Business; Of course, it depends upon what type of business you’re in; and it is likely that these four business paths can take months or years. However, the hard work has paid off and customers are now telling you are that they are thankful for your Super Personal Business Service.

Slowly you've turned from selling price into selling service; people want to deal with you because of who you are.

You’re now starting to handle Non Price Sensitive Business and, just like when you started, you'll take any business. The sales theory behind this is that with any business, as long as it is provided with your Super Personal Business Service, it will lead to the desired end result of a combination of big business, small business, quality referrals and your sales lifestyle becoming more enjoyable.

Any part of the sales circle is exciting !

As they say on the bottle of hair shampoo: rinse-lather-repeat.

In your sales career you can mix these techniques up a bit; the actual technique used, depends on what part of the business cycle you’re in.

Congratulations, you’ve just come full circle.


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