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How a Manager Exercises Control

Updated on February 6, 2010


How a Manager Exercises Control

1.      The purpose of a control mechanism is to assure the completion of all

a.      In the order planned

b.      In the time scheduled

c.      In the precise manner specified

d.      By the person or persons to whom assigned

2.      The manager must see that:

a.     Flow of work is uninterrupted

b.      Each duty is performed in proper sequence

c.      Work is finished according to schedule

3.     The management must know:

a.     How each activity is to be accounted for

b.      Who is accountable for each activity

c.      Available means to accomplish desired results

d.     If any department or part of the work is running or behind
schedule, in time to correct the situation

4.     Work running behind schedule may be due to:

a.     Sudden and unexpected increase in volume of work

b.      Absence of employees assigned to that work

c.      Ineffective work

d.     Ineffective supervision

5.      The manager should know daily for each department:

a.     Volume of work received

b.  Quantity of work completed
    Amount of work left over, if any

d.      Reasons for work being left over


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