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What a Resume Aggregator is and How It Can Be Used By Recruiters

Updated on March 25, 2013

About the software

A software tool that specifically finds resumes from various online sources and returns them to the software user in an easy to read reporting format hence the term "aggregate". This type of software comes in different forms. There are web sites that allow searching and retrieval of resumes and there are also desktop software programs that can be obtained that will do the same job and oftentimes faster.

These tools are not job boards where resumes are posted by job seekers and then the resumes are only available if a recruiter is subscribed to this paid database. These software applications usually allow a recruiter to search the entire Internet to mine resumes from different sources and bring them into an easy to read report.

Benefits of using a such a system

There are several benefits to using this type of software tool. A recruiter may be looking for an additional stream of resume documents that he or she has not seen before and this software will help facilitate this. Other benefits are:

  • Reduced costs of finding many documents at once
  • Unlimited searches and document views (depending on the software tool)
  • Saving hours of time that it would take to find these documents manually

How the software works

First, the recruiter inputs his or her chosen keywords into the software. Next, the software will generally conduct a document search by simultaneously querying the major search engines that are available, then mining or parsing the results and returning the resume documents found back to the software for the recruiter to view. After getting the documents, the recruiter may view each one, archive or upload them to their favorite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for later follow-up.

Features of the software

Some features of this type of software tool are options for which sources to query, document types to find and how deep to search any search engines. This type of software will usually allow you to export all of the resume documents found individually or all at once. A good software package should also be intuitive to use and provide the user with an easy way to get help or support if needed.

Reasons a recruiter would need this software

If cost is a factor, a reasonably priced aggregator software might be exactly what he or she needs. The recruiter might also be searching for an alternative to job boards or specific resume profile sites that will complement their candidate search. Also, it is a good software tool that will find CV's in minutes saving you hours of time that it would take to find them manually.


There are different types of resume aggregator software tools for recruiters and staffing firms. Some tools might have a multitude of features that may or may not be needed. Others might offer exactly what the recruiter or staffing firm needs to accomplish his or her tasks. When searching for a resume software, be sure to check that it performs to the needs of your organization.



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