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How a Woman Should Dress For an Interview

Updated on January 3, 2013

When you are out job hunting, the way you dress has a direct influence on what the interviewer’s impression of you will be. You may think that is not fair to judge you by the way you are dress, but it is actually very fair. They want you to dress in an appropriate manner because if they hire you for the job you are the face of the company.

You should not make the interview a fashion statement either. All you really have to do is dress properly that shows the interviewer you have respect for yourself and can dress professional. Even though dressing appropriately will not automatically give you the job, but it sure can make you stand out over all other candidates. Also, it will show them that you have some common sense.

If you are racking your brain of what to where to an interview, you safest choice is to dress conservatively. If that does not help you much then you can head on down to the company and see what their employees are wearing to get an idea of the dress code or even call human resources to inquire their dress code. As long as your boobs and butt are tucked away properly you should have no problem with dressing, just remember do not go to the interview in jeans and a ratty old t-shirt.

Dressing appropriately for an interview does not mean you have to spend a fortune on the outfit either. You should always have at least two interview outfits in your closest because if you get the job you will obviously have to buy more outfits, but it should not be quite as bad since you already have half of your wardrobe.

Ideally, many women decided to wear a business suit to an interview, but that is not your only option. You are able to wear a nice blouse with a skirt, but many women prefer a business suit because they feel more secure in that and know they cannot go wrong. Always remember you do not need to spend thousands or even hundreds on the outfit, as long as you are covered up properly you will be fine, and no t-shirts or jeans allowed! Dress up, do your hair, put make-up on and have fun with it!


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