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How am I going to succeed goes along with where I want to go as I succeed?

Updated on September 17, 2016

Ask anyone what they think success is, and their answer is money or fame. If you have this mentality then you have already failed, and you might as well waste your days away walking 20 miles back and forth to buy scratch offs. Achievement of goals is what true champions chase for true glory. The Gates and Trumps of the world get nowhere here because they usually don’t make new goals and are stuck in the past of what they think is possible for themselves instead of what they can contribute. Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I would rather have something of true meaning like a person being told that they would never play their favorite sport again or someone breaking the bounds in something that most people have told them is impossible and shouldn’t try.
Even if you don’t succeed you tried and maybe you did not keep at it but as long as you keep that ambitious mentality for that you are golden.
We have all, rich and poor, black and white, dumb and dumber have all been in a situation where we hated every second we were there. Maybe you are still there. We really do have to be relentless and borderline psychotic and put ourselves in a place where we can flourish. If you are going to surround yourself with distractions instead of going to the library or Starbucks you should buy a lifetime supply of McDonald’s because if you are not asking yourself how and where success is constantly to reaffirm the possibility of your goals, it is exactly where you belong.
Having said that, do you do not want to stay forever in that perfect place because there is no challenge there and no room for growth. Nirvana has been achieved and you will only have what you brought there, and it will consume your immunity to the BS of the world.
The where should never be undervalued. In High School it is usually about sports and seeing how much you can hustle. That youthful ambition is usually lost, but how much of it is lost forever and how much can be rediscovered in a different way is completely up to you.
Kanye West did not need millions of dollars to make his own shoe brand. All he needed was a few hundred dollars for materials, vision for a shoe and enough dedication to make it happen. Same with everything that is done in the world. I dare you to name one besides nuclear energy and rocket science, and even those don’t take much to get into and succeed at.
Just don’t be distracted because in this country there are a million distractions in our media to tell you that it’s better to just stay comfortable and delusional about you succeeding and that the thing you want to distract people with is just not worth it, but humanity is not over. and although there are a million things in America that can hinder your personal progress to giving back to society. there are a million more things that can help you. Trust me.


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