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How and Why UberEats is Gaining Attraction with Customers?

Updated on December 15, 2017


Uber has become famous for its affordable taxi rides within the comfort of a smartphone. Uber took transportation to a next level and now it has quietly rolled out UberEats, a new food delivery platform that delivers food from the favorite local restaurants. This dedicated app is now chiefly established its service to the US.

What does UberEats do?

Uber uses their drivers to pick up food from the local restaurant and deliver to the customer within 30 minutes of the said time frame. They changed the game of referrals and made sure that customer’s loyalty didn’t waver by giving them promo codes and such. It also took local vendors and delivery logistics people under its wings.

How UberEats work?

There are three simple steps to understand how UberEats works for customers. First is to Browse for food from hundreds of local restaurants and choose a particular restaurant for you to deliver your food of choice. The second step is to Place the Order and the app shows you the check the delivery address, estimated delivery time, price of the order inclusive of taxes and pay easily with various payment modes. The last step is to Track the Order right when the delivery person picks up your food until the minute the food is delivered to your doorstep.

Business growth with UberEats

If you are local restaurant vendor who wants customers to notice you then partnering with UberEats is the best possible way. UberEats always work in sync with the restaurants by giving you more orders so that you process more orders then more business and visibility for your restaurant. You can also expand the business by the large marketing stint with UberEats.

Customers’ Attention

UberEats is mainly based on Referral process and if a customer is referring to more customers then the referral customer will have bonus points or promo codes from $10 - $50. Keeping a customer happy is the main strategy of any business and Uber is not letting off its customers by throwing its discounts and promo codes to free dinners or lunches to keep the customers happy. Retaining customers is another paramount challenge for any business. UberEats creates relationships with its customers through social media. Receiving feedback, follow-up support, issue management and reviews are important in retaining customers to a service. Giving a birthday free meal voucher may help customers to use it well leads to customers coming back to the service for more.

Another innovative way to keep a customer happy is to listen to your customer, keeping a good eye or an ear to the social media. Users initially were disappointed with the lack of vegetarian options and expressing their discontent through social media. UberEats quickly resolved this issue. Engaging customers with food photography to make its customers to place mouth-watering dishes is exactly what UberEats is doing along with delight deliveries such as free holiday cookies or tamales with the dishes. Following UberEats on social media allows customers to know the dish of the day or the new and updated menu prices.

UberEats have taken the stage where working individuals are skipping breakfast and lunch due to work and would gladly give anything to have food delivered to their place. UberEats grabbed this opportunity and made full use of connecting the local vendors and the customers. Today’s individuals are willing to pay the cost of good food items and their experience share in social media will up the company’s image and visibility.

UberEats Gaining Advantage?

Food Delivery apps have become very competitive to a point where no one wants to lose their customers over anything. For now, UberEats is more into Customer retention rather than Customer acquisition. UberEats is doing new and innovative ideas to keep its customers surprised like sending a free cupcake with a pizza order or a soda with every order placed. These ideas keep the UberEats keeping its competitive edge over UberEats clone apps in the market.

Almost 40% of UberEats customers were initially an Uber taxi ride customers and Uber is using its large driver workforce to deliver the food to the customers. Logistics issued is under the carpet. Initially integrated into the Uber app, it has come out as an individual app by taking the customer’s feedback.

Right now, UberEats is the leader in Food Delivery System. Ranked one in US, Australia, France, Taiwan and Indonesia, UberEats is growing into a juggernaut with its sights set on Asia market.

Most local vendors or restaurants had to make an actual delivery to the customers with their own hired personnel which most restaurants were not logistically done. UberEats have solved that problem by using its vast driver network to pick up food and deliver it to the customer and the customer can track their food using the Geolocation services in the app making both restaurant and the customer happy. This healthy dynamic has worked wonders in the US market.

With an n number of UberEats Clone apps the important question posed by the customers to the new apps are, Can you service like UberEats? Now the question is too true, UberEats clone app may lack the promise of delivering food to the customers within a certain time frame. With enormous discounts, vouchers, gift cards and what not, UberEats have bowled over the Customers and retained them for good.

The Customers form the backbone of UberEats and other UberEats clone apps. These customers have the power to make or break any food delivery service. What makes UberEats a hit among others? That it will do any innovative ideas to keep its customers happy and loyal to the service.

What Next?

Food Delivery Industry is growing bigger by the minute and many local vendors and into creating UberEats clone apps for their own use and to retain their own customers. Right now UberEats trumps them all as the customers will pay for excellent food service and delivery from office to the gym to home. UberEats may deliver its food to the customers using drones for faster delivery. We have to wait and watch and maybe order from the local Chinese restaurant.


Hi, my name is Kamrooz Jeny. I am working as a consultant for Mobile App development named Appoets. I like writing, reading various novels and articles and would someday travel around the world. I try to see the world through different glasses and viewpoints to understand this beautiful world better. I am currently a proud owner of three dogs and love them adorably. Future Novel Writer and Blogger.


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    • Your Cousins profile image

      Your Cousins 

      13 months ago from Atlanta, GA

      I have never tried UberEats, but I appreciate your blog explaining how it works. Maybe I'll order dinner in soon! Will let you know.


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