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How badly do you want to achieve your dreams?

Updated on January 2, 2012

How bad do you want it?

It’s 2012, a new year. A time when many people make New Year resolutions. Each year we make a list of our goals we want to achieve, whether that’s writing a book, running a marathon or loosing weight. The year begins with hope and determination. But how many times have you made this list and three weeks or more if lucky down the line you’ve either forgotten about your resolutions, given up or just can’t find the time to do what you want to do?

I got the idea for this topic after I read a friend’s status on facebook. It said something along the lines of – How fast the year has gone and I never had time to follow my dreams. Hope in 2012 I’ll find the time to achieve my dreams. I sat and thought about this for a moment. I knew exactly what that felt like. Not so long ago I was in the same line of thought. Time. I thought about my goals and how I’d felt helpless that I couldn’t find the time to achieve what I wanted to do. That was seven months ago. 2011 had arrived, I’d written my new year’s resolutions then two weeks later I’d abandoned my list.

Then in June 2011 I got fed up of the way my life was going. This wasn’t what I’d planned at the beginning of the year. Whose fault was that? Mine of course. It wasn’t until I took full responsibility for where my life was at that moment, that I started to make the changes.

So back to my question, how bad do you want it? How bad do you want your dreams to become a reality? Until you feel desperate enough, you won’t make the effort and you’ll either make an excuse or blame the lack of time.

Stay focused and achieve it


I wanted my dreams Bad

I’ve always wanted to write and finish a novel. I spent too much time wishing and not doing. I also spent a lot of time thinking about the lack of time. Then one day I got bored with myself. If there is such a thing. You know that friend you have who keeps talking about what they’re going to do and never do it? Then whine about why they can’t do it. I became that annoying friend. You get to the point where you just have to tell them to do it already or to shut up about it! Harsh I know but I had to tell myself to shut up or start doing. I got fed up of talking and talking and talking about it. It seemed the more I talked the less I did. When would one day be? When would I get cracking? So in the month of June I set myself a goal, to write every single evening without fail even if I didn’t feel like it. I had to park my butt down and switch on my computer and write. Doing this for the first three days was torture but once I got going you couldn’t stop me. And two months later I finished my book.

You don’t have the time

Neither did I, so I thought. But you have to ask once again, how bad do you really want it? If you want to achieve something so bad you will make time. You will find time. I’m a single mum who works full time. I’m up at five thirty to write until seven. At seven we get ready for school and work. At lunch time while having my lunch you’ll find me writing in my note book. Then it’s time to pick up my daughter from aftercare at five. Then its teatime, homework and family time and finally after the rush its bed time for my daughter at eight. From eight I’m at my computer and write until about eleven, twelve dependent on how long I can keep my eyes opened. I figured that if I write early morning, during lunch and late at night and weekends I’d make progress. And I did make progress. Suddenly there was time to achieve my dreams. There was time to write.

To follow your dreams you’ll have to make sacrifices

  • I stopped watching television. Television takes up a lot of time. So now I just record my favourite shows and if and when I get a chance, which I tend to treat myself too. I sit and watch my favourites.
  • I turned down some social events. I wanted to write and I was serious about completing my work. Writing means the world to me so yes there where times when I decided not to go out and paint the town red. There was always next time, or next year.
  • Early mornings and late nights. I had to sacrifice sleep. Not to the point of exhaustion. I’m really good at listening to my body. When I’m tired I call it a night and find that I don’t need that much sleep anyway. Once I hit the pillow I’m out like a light and will be up early feeling refreshed.
  • When some people see the weekend as an off day, I write through the weekends. Between kids parties, cinema visits and time with my daughter. Whenever I get a chance even an hour I’d sit and write.
  • Not taking phone calls. There have been times when I don’t take calls from friends. The reason being is that we can talk for days. We can honestly spend two hours on the blower and those two hours I could be writing. When I do take time to speak to my friends, I give them my undivided attention, so I always make sure it’s not when I’m about to write or when I’m writing. My bestfriend is really good with this. She’ll always text me first and ask if it’s a convenient time to talk. I love her!

I’ve made some tough decisions and some sacrifices and this has really pushed me to achieve what I have done today. I’ve written three books and write a blog every other day. I write short stories and even find time to write reviews for books I’ve read. There are no more excuses to say that I don’t have the time because I do.

We can all find time to follow our hearts; the question is how bad do you want it. Look at any high achiever and notice that they spend a lot of time doing rather than not doing. They work hard and keep at it until they achieve success. Is your dream so important that it bugs you or is it something you keep making excuses that you can’t do? Because until then, until you want it badly enough you just won’t be motivated enough to find the time to do it.


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    • lin8t profile image

      lin8t 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Angela Blair happy new year to you and thank you for your comment. The first step is the most important and from there it does get done. :-).

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 6 years ago from Central Texas

      Excellent advice and so very, very true. I, too, found myself procrastinating on several things and when one gets the mind made up and takes the first step -- it'll get done. Great thoughts in this Hub for the New Year -- and life! Best, Sis