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How can I really make money online from my home?

Updated on March 16, 2010

how can i really make money online from my home?

Can someone really make money or get rich online by participating in online business opportunities? The answer is YES, you can.

Making money has become so tough and yet so simple nowadays. It is now possible to earn a decent amount of money online if you are willing to work for it. Wait, did you hear me say ‘work’? yes, you have to work or at least invest your time, energy and effort. As long as you have a computer- preferably a PC and a good Internet connection, you can create a wealthy business on the Internet from the comfort of your home.

You probably did a search on theses topic and saw that it had about 240,000,000 search results.A lot of make-money-online sites out there are scams and BS. However, few are genuine opportunities. Some of these opportunities include:

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Article marketing

3. Blogging

4. Forex Trading

5. Information/Internet marketing

6. Google AdSense/ AdWords

7. Buying and selling Domain Names

8. Search Engine Marketing- SEOs

9. Freelancing, etc

These are genuine money making opportunities among others. However I usually categorize wealth making opportunities in two: some require an initial capital to run the business while others are free to start and requires only your effort and time. Affiliate marketing, forex trading, Google AdWords, buying and selling domains, etc. the rest in the above list are absolutely free to start. It is preferable to start with the ones that don’t cost you a dime such as blogging and Google AdSense. You can create an empire of wealth by just monetizing your blog with Google AdSense.

Blogging is sharing articles, pictures, reviews, memos, etc with other Internet users by writing on any topic of your choice. You get to choose any topic you like and it is absolutely free to create a blog (it is much alike to a website). Once you start posting articles to your blog, you can monetize them and start earning hundreds of dollars and as you progress, your earnings increase. You can make as much as $200/day and even more.

The most important thing in doing online business is dedication and hard work. There is no shortcut to online wealth like some scammers try to convince you. Start blogging today and see for yourself.


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    • Hublord profile image

      Hublord 8 years ago from Enugu

      @ foxxy. thanks a lot. i hope someone benefits from it.

    • callmefoxxy profile image

      callmefoxxy 8 years ago

      Good hub, and a good start to your hubbing activity. Thanks for sharing.

      callmefoxxy, my pen is a mighty sword!