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How do I Improve a Performance Evaluation?

Updated on April 23, 2012

So your last performance review wasn’t quite as good as you had hoped it would be? You need not worry; simple steps taken with a planned approach will ensure your next review will be more successful. It is not unusual to occasionally have an occasional work-year that doesn’t stand out, but as long as you approach the constructive criticism as a learning opportunity, you can easily put your career back on track.

Schedule a meeting with your supervisor to cover areas of concern. It is rare that employees take specific action to work with their supervisor in dealing with performance improvement. By scheduling some time with you supervisor, you will be signaling that you are serious about improving your next performance review. Even if you supervisor is hesitant, be very clear that you need his or her help in becoming a better employee.

Prepare for your meeting by outling the areas you want to improve. Take the items mentioned in your performance review and lay them out in paragraph form so that they can be covered in your meeting.

Meet with your supervisor and get very specific on each item in need of improvement. Ask very detailed questions when covering this information with your supervisor. Ask for examples of where your performance fell short, and for specific recommendations for how you can improve on those items. Be sure to take notes as you go.

Schedule a follow-up meeting to cover your progress. Before you end your meeting, ask to schedule a follow-up meeting at the half way point between your last review and your next review. For example, if you have an annual review in June, ask for your follow-up meeting in December or January.

Document your notes from your meeting. Take each item and develop a plan to perform the duties associated with each of the items you covered in your meeting. Write a short action plan for yourself that addresses the issue, and outlines the specific steps you intend to take to improve each item.

Check you action plan weekly to be sure you are addressing your performance issues. You need to remind yourself regularly of the items you covered with your supervisor, and how you planned to correct those items.

Conduct you follow-up meeting with your supervisor. Take your notes from the previous meeting, along with our action plan, and cover you performance for each item. Ask you supervisor how you are progressing on each item, and ask for specific areas for additional improvement.

Adjust your performance as necessary based on the feedback from your supervisor. Complete your review period taking into account your supervisor’s latest recommendations, and be ready to see a marked improvement in your performance review results.

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