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How do I find a 457 Employer Sponsor in Australia

Updated on May 16, 2013
Konnecting Pty Ltd - Skilled Migration & Recruitment Consultants
Konnecting Pty Ltd - Skilled Migration & Recruitment Consultants | Source

This Australian rate is forecast to drop to 4.5% by end of 2012. Due to the tightening market, obviously more employers will be willing to sponsor to acquire the required skilled staff. The 457 is the vehicle to achieve this. A counter effect of the skills shortage is the pressure on wages to increase.

Appeal of 457 Visa:

- Fast visa processing times compared with the GSM visas
- More likely to find temporary sponsor compared with ENS permanent visa
- More occupations on the 457 list than Independent and State Sponsored SOL's
- Uncertainty and constant tinkering of the GSM program
- Lower criteria for 457
- Can be a pathway to permanent residence via ENS if shy on points for GSM
- Possible availability of Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA)
- Increasingly better job prospects in Australia


The "Mining Boom" is the catalyst for the increased employment and re-emerging skills shortage. The West Australian Chamber of Commerce projects a shortage of 210,000 skilled workers by 2020 in WA alone.

There are several massive projects commencing in Australia this year including the $43bn Gorgon Gas Project (10,000 direct and indirect jobs at peak construction), 2 large recently approved LNG projects in Queensland with combined worth $31bn (5,000+ direct jobs), the $36bn National Broadband Network (25,000 staff required), large rail and infrastructure projects and add to this the rebuilding of Queensland after the recent floods and Cyclone Yasi. There are already skilled labor shortages in certain industries and locations, particularly in regional areas, so these projects will compound the shortage.

An aging population amplifies the problem for Australian employers. The 2010 Inter generational Report highlighted aging population and its potential impact Australia's future workforce participation rate. After a lull in sponsorship during the GFC, the skills shortage is starting to emerge again. This is very obvious to recruitment agencies on the ground in Australia, as it has become increasingly difficult to source local staff.

Heather Rideout, CEO of Australian Industry Group (AIG) recently sent a submission to the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen predicting "significant shortfalls of skilled labour in the coming years and we need to be willing to complement domestic labour supply with more skilled migrants".

Strategy on finding Australian Employer Sponsorship:

Do your research: There is information all over the internet, check industry bodies, skills assessing bodies, expat and migration forums, job surveys, DIAC website, job boards and an extremely useful website

Engage a reputable registered migration agent: Evaluate your options and prepare your strategy. This is recommended even if your only option will be the 457 visa. You are likely to have many questions about the process, therefore ask an expert. Your long term strategy may be Australian permanent residence so there are many factors to consider (e.g. which nominated occupation, which States are sponsoring your occupation etc).

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: Ideally your resume should be prepared by a professional resume writer. This is your initial marketing tool, in the absence of face to face interviews and is very important. Gather all your certificates, references etc. If you require skills assessments, professional registration or licensing, IELTS tests, new passport these are best obtained before you send your resume to any employer. You don’t want to create an initial unprofessional impression. Prepare for interviews, including possible video interviews (e.g. via skype).

Job Boards: Try all the major job boards in Australia to get an idea of which employers are hiring and where. The major ones in Australia are,,, however there are many more niche job boards.

If possible, visit Australia:Ideally after research, visit Australia to research further locations and prospective employers. (Note: Remember a holiday visa is for holidaying). In this regard, expand your search focus if required. Depending on your occupation, you will notice there are many more opportunities for sponsorship in Regional areas.

Contact Employers: Many jobs are not advertised. Make contact with prospective employers directly.

Contact Recruiters: Especially those who specialise in your area or specialising international staffing.

Be persistent, patient and don't give in. You will receive many rejections as apparently 98% of positions advertised in Australia will not sponsor.

Which Occupations are sponsoring:
The main industry sectors sponsoring on 457 visas are trades, medical, engineering and IT. Table shows top nominating occupations.

Top 15 Nominated Occupations for Primary applications granted between 1 Jul to 31 Dec 2010

Nominated Occupation
1 Jul to 31 Dec 2010
2010-11 as % of Total
Developer Programmer
Management Consultant
Resident Medical Officer
Software & Apps Programmer nec
Specialist Managers nec
Program or Project Administrator
General Medical Practitioner
Marketing Specialist
Registered Nurse (Medical)
Accountant (General)
Software Engineer
Recruitment Consultant
Civil Engineer
Sales & Marketing Manager
Information & Organisation Professionals nec

In terms of the location of employer sponsored primary positions: NSW (36.5%), Victoria (23.3%), Western Australia (17.3%), Queensland (14%), South Australia (3.3%), others (5.6%).

The top 5 citizenship countries for 457 sponsorship are UK (26.2%), India (17.8%), Republic of Ireland (8.2%), USA (7.8%), and Philippines (4.3%).

Permanent Migration Options:

On July 1, 2011 the new GSM Points test comes into operation. This is definitely advantageous for native English speakers as extra points are given to applicants to have ‘superior English’ (8 in each band of IELTS). The new DIAC strategy is demand driven migration, favouring applicants sponsored by employers, with ENS & RSMS visas being the number 1 in processing priorities. In practice, most employers only sponsor on ENS or RSMS after several years on the 457. Although, some employers do prefer to sponsor on the permanent visa as they either do not want the burden of the 457 obligations, or simply they do not meet the criteria for 457 sponsorship. It really comes down to the bargaining power you have with your skill set.


If you intend to get to Australia quickly, then the 457 visa route is the way if you can find an employer sponsor for your skills. At the same time, you should be looking at your longer term strategy if you have intentions of applying for a permanent visa. Don’t leave this till near expiry of your 457! If you are serious about obtaining employer sponsorship then do your homework, and have a well prepared strategy.

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    • profile image

      Teddy mamotte 3 years ago

      Hi I'm a skilled qualify plumber with 15 yrs experiences living in mauritius and very motivated to work and live in australia so I wish to have a visa 457 sponsorship please my email.

    • profile image

      Robert A Bacasmas 3 years ago

      Hi gud day.Im skilled welder in japan 2years.and 6 years in Bahrain up to present. How do I fine a 457 employer I really very interested to work in Australia.please send me in my email Bahrain number +973 36941124

    • profile image

      nelson 3 years ago

      Good day. I am a skilled welder here in Phillippines but still I want to work there to give my family a better future. I can be reached at +639076096874 or

      Anyone there who wants to sponsor me? It's a great honor working there.

    • profile image

      Hanif Ibrahim 3 years ago

      Hi Fred,

      You hub "How do I find a 457 Employer Sponsor in Australia" is really very interesting or I should say it is awesome. I am a recruitment agency owner in Perth Australia. You can visit my website here The information provided by you about employer sponsors is really very useful for the people who want to work in Australia.

    • profile image

      lucy31 4 years ago

      I wish i can work in australia even as nanny, caregiver or cleaner...i am very much interested.....feel free to call me at +974 55205679.....i am a filipina, single, and working as domestic helper here in qatar. My contract is about to end....Anyone out there willing to sponsor me and will give me a job??