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How do I get the advertisements to show up on the top of my hubs

Updated on January 28, 2014

Recently one of newbie asked question about How he can show advertisement on his hub?

It seems he has just joined hubpages and when I visited his profile, I saw he has joined hubpages just 19 minutes ago.This is not only question by him but the question arise in everyone's mind if he is newbie on hubpages.

There are mainly two possibility there to show ads on your posted hubs.

With Google Adsense Account

If you have Google adsense account, you can associate Google adsense account with Hubpages.

After associating Google adsense account with hubpages, you will have to post quality hub from create new hub option on your account.Later add some keywords & categorize it on relevant category with detailed summery on your hubs.Your Google adsene will start appearing on your hub you just posted.

Without Google Adsense Account

If you do not have already Google adsense account, you will need to post hubs on hubpages and wait for some months to get traffic on your hubs.Later on you can apply for Google adsense account with your hubpages profile.

Google adsense team will review your hubs and approve/reject your application for advertising program.If they will approve your adsense application, you can associate your Google adsense account with Hubpages and adsense ads will start appearing on your hubs.

If they will reject your application for advertising program for Google adsense, don't get nervous! Try little hard try to create new hubs with great quality and without copied content.Wait for one or two months and again apply for Google adsense.If you are lucky enough, they will approve your application and you can set ads on your hubs easily.

In my case, It took around 12 times and after applying for 13th time my application got accepted.So I will say try hard to achieve it and try more hard to keep it with you always.

Update(January 2014) : Google Removed 350 Million Ads & Rejected 3 Million Publishers.

Google announced on Friday their efforts to keep their ad network safe, in-line and trustworthy. They shared some pretty crazy stats on what that means for their ad network.

So make sure that you are complying with all google adsense tos to get fast Google adsense approval as well as maintain your google adsense account for long term without getting banned.

I have been using Google adsense since last two years and have a good experience about it.If you have any question or query you can ask me, I will try my best to help you.

Update(January 2014) : I have been using Google adsense program since more than 4 years and made thousand of dollars from it. I will keep you updated with money making tips from my upcoming hubs.

Make Money Online with Google Adsense and Hubpages

Make Money Online with Google Adsense and Hubpages
Make Money Online with Google Adsense and Hubpages

Where ads will show up on my hubs?

Well, it is independent feature by Hubpages.You can not have control over it to show ads anywhere in your page.Hubpages uses automatic system to show adsense on random places on your hubs to increase clicks on your ads.

I think to concentrate on quality posting and traffic will automatically follows.Write quality content and get more organic traffic to your hubs or articles on your blog. That is secret to getting success on getting traffic.No need to pay concentrate on ads placement because hubpages knows better than us where to place ads to get more income.:D

I am blogging since last two years and having good experience with blogging worlds as well as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) world.I am sharing my own views and experience with fellow bloggers to get more from their blogging.

I am currently blogging at

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No one is complete and 100% expert but atleast we can try to be 100%. I have been trying and doing Search Engine Optimization for my personal blog and tried and learned lots of different techniques to be in the competition. I have been trying updating my readers regarding latest updates that happening on search engine optimization world, so you don't have to get panic. Just apply those tips and get ranked.

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if you have any query or question, you can feel free to ask me and comment in the comment section about anything. I will try my best to help you and improve your earning at my best level.


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