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How do you handle a BAD boss?

Updated on January 20, 2016

Everyone has experienced this.....

In this day and time things have changed greatly from as recently as 10 years ago. If you are employed for very long, either in multiple positions or with multiple companies you WILL encounter a bad boss somewhere along the way. How to handle the bad boss and come out as looking credible and not lose your job is the key.

The way to handle the bad boss depends on the infarction the boss has committed against you. Through personal experiences I have been bullied, lied to, harassed, stole from, set up to fail and last but not least discrimited against. This was in my current job alone.

Once it become clear that your boss is out to get you, keep very good notes, dates, times, and details of the action against you. The first thing you have to do is read your employee handbook to see the resources available to you within your company. It is imperative that you follow the chain of command, however don't wait too long between going up the chain. A week or two is all you need. The company doesn't want hearsay they want cold hard facts. Keep up with documentation, that is very important. The more detail and back-up you have the more credible you are, they can't dispute facts on paper. If you know that your coworkers are going through the same type of working conditions, then talk to them and see if they will go forward with you. There is strength in numbers.. Keep all facts just as they are, do not embelish them, you will lose all your credilibity.

Following the chain of command can be very frustatting, but be patient. Each time you go up a notch in the chain talk about the retaliation which is sure to follow so they are aware if it happens. Most companies will not tolerate retaliation and should protect you if it does.

Most companies will not fire the bad boss as it seems more and more companies like the bad behavior and endorse it, but it will usually get you or them transferred . Don't ever feel like you are alone, most human resources departments will do an investigation. Feel free to go all the way to the head person in charge of the company, they need to know what is going on and make sure everyone is doing their job. If all else fails consult an attorney. Companies don't like the word harassment , hostile, or discrimination. Hold your head up high it's not you it's them. Whatever the bad boss is or has gone through to make them act this way, has nothing to do with you, you become the target of their frustration. Do not hesitate to go forward. I did and my life is much better now!

What you need to know and do......

Important points......

1. Keep detailed noted, including dates, times, and specific information.

2. Read employee handbook

3. Go up the chain of command

4. Continue keeping notes until things improve and beyond, you might need them later.

5. If all else fails seek the advice of an attorney, there are specific laws to protect individual.

6. Keep doing a good job, keep your head held high, you're not alone


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