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How do u know a job is real?

Updated on October 17, 2011
No get rich quick schemes are real
No get rich quick schemes are real

Is it another scam?

The truth is that you never now when you open the email that is supposedly "response to resume". Often times there are phishers, hackers, and scammers just praying that you will respond. They ask you for your personal information such as you social security, they will want to know where you bank and if you have any money to invest in a business opportunity. You're financial situation and needs can make you a sitting duck.

A few ways to make sure that you are not falling victim to a scam are to:

  • always check with the BBB about the name of the company.
  • remember real business offering real jobs do not ask for any money up front, that is unless you are buying a business through a Realtor.
  • Never give your social security number to any "company" unless you have been to their location and you feel like they are legit.
  • Always beware of any place offering mass interviews.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, don't take the chance...Anything promising big pay and very little or no work is not the real deal.
  • Never deal with anyone trying to forward you checks to have you cash them and wire them money.

I have fallen for some scams. There was one pretend company (while I was in college for technical writing) that convinced me to send them all of the information any company would need for employment. They convinced me that I would make 13 dollars and hour rewriting insurance information into terms that anyone could understand no matter their background. I did this for two weeks and never received any pay from them only to find out that they were trying to get my social security number so that they could try to use my credit to their advantage. Luckily for me being part of the poor working class meant that my credit wasn't worth anything to any financial institution.

Scammers spend all day trying to figure out how to get your information. They come up with stories to try to get you to trust them. They contemplate every detail and design bogus web pages. You should always beware of any too good to be true job.

Remember, always do your research and trust your gut. Hard work is the only way to get ahead. And the only person that you have to compete with in life is yourself.


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