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Making money online for beginners

Updated on August 17, 2011

Making real money online.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online. Almost as many as there are ways to LOSE money online.

  • To ensure this hub is useful to as many people as possible I will deal with the subject broadly and suggest ways that I have personal experience of that do make money online consistently.

So what do you really need to know to sell online?

The Jargon?

The terms used by internet marketers can be difficult for beginners in any area of making money online.

It changes every time you change marketing methods!

No matter what you do within your chosen online business, every time you alter your marketing methods you will find new jargon for that method.

SEO, PPC, PPA, PPL, CTR, CTM, PR, split testing, back end sales, I could fill this page with jargon alone!

How do you learn it all?

  • My advice is don't even start learning the jargon until you know which market you are going to choose and which marketing methods you are going to use.

This way you will be able to get started as soon as you understand the jargon that relates directly to your business, without wasting time learning jargon you will not need to know, at least for now.

With a head start on other learners, spend more time learning about the meaning of jargon you need to know about first.

Adwords campaigns.

In some markets I use adwords paid advertising from Google.


  • If you want to build a list of customers to sell your own book or other electronic information products, you will need to use AdWords and a squeeze page in many cases.

Just know that although the Google AdWords training is very good, building strong keyword campaigns often involves hundreds if not thousands of related well chosen keywords, and negative keywords. This takes time and talent, and unless you are way above just smart, you will need to learn this art from the adwords king himself, who although I don't like some of his personal beliefs, I know he can get you started properly. I speak of Perry Marshal of course, who will find his name here and rip me a new a*hole probably for telling you what I know of him.

His AdWords training is good. He knows his stuff. He also does more back-end marketing than you would believe, with as many up-sells as you can imagine, so you may want to do one beginners course thoroughly, prove up the results in a small AdWords campaign and if you get a profit, move to the next step.

Not having the talent myself, I paid Perry Marshall for several courses in how to build AdWords campaigns mainly because it is known that Perry is the expert in this particular form of marketing and understands how to teach AdWords to beginners better than others.

There are real internet gurus out there amongst the thousands of internet marketing scammers. Some of them have specialised in training in particular fields of online marketing and have useful products. They all hype their products to a degree that I find nauseating!

These experts deserve to be paid a small fee to teach the ropes to newbies, but a bit of honesty about how much work is involved would be nice!

Let's put it this way, if it was as easy as they say, it would be the IKEA of systems. It never is.

Now here is where it all goes right or wrong.

  • A viable market online has a keyword or phrase that you will build your business around.
  • You will have to pay google or someone else to advertise that keyword or be prepared to fight for free traffic to get on Googles first page for it, and frankly you may wait till old age takes you out.
  • Being the best or among the best in your chosen market helps a lot, but you will still have to keep tightly to your subject relevance to win against strong competitors, and you may not find the courage or confidence to advertise well enough to turn a profit from a competitive market for quite some time even if you get it all right.
  • A small part of a big market can be very stable and profitable. You will still need to learn how to keep ahead of more of the competition though, as you need to be closer to the top of a smaller market to make it pay well.
  • If there is no competition there is no market, little competition usually means a small market, usually too small to bother with.

To find a viable internet market.

I know you would like me to tell you exactly how to do this, so lets begin with how to think about your market first.

Like any business you need buyers for your product or service, and just like putting another pharmacy on the corner opposite a big successful pharmacy in the "real world," online you better have something worth offering, because ......... you are one mouse click away from your customer going elsewhere to buy. He doesn't even need to cross the road. If he doesn't like the look you have presented he is gone probably forever. You have dropped a customer and a sale.

They are not all as sharp as you are of course! ....... what you offer needs to be good and well marketed again, just like an offline, or bricks and mortar business.

Even the most enthusiastic and clever beginner finds the jargon difficult and the many marketing offers confusing. For these reasons alone it is hard for the new Internet marketer and if you are making money online as a real beginner you are probably the first to do so!

You need to own a few new skills to get started making money.

Absolute beginners are not newbies.

What is the difference between Beginners and newbies? Beginners do not yet know about affiliate marketing, PPC, CTR, PPA, SEO or any of the other jargon.

The importance of fine tuned analysis , or what it really means to work an online business that makes money is still way ahead in their learning.

Newbies already have some basic skills.

They know enough about the importance of keywords, ad campaigns and landing pages to lose money and get fooled by Internet marketing gurus in to making money for them!

Some big Internet Gurus considered newbies know just enough to fall for their ploys and therefore should be called "sitting ducks," not Newbies!

Newbies often spend a lot of money on useless old information that is readily available free to the more experienced marketer, and the marketing wiz kids appeal to those looking for a short-cut by selling them "turnkey systems" that require a helluva lot more than just turning a key!

Newbies and Gurus.

Newbies may have a month or three years of experience.The main thing is they have not learnt how to make any money at all online yet, only how to spend it wastefully on dud info.

This group are about 97% of would be marketers and beginners and feed a huge industry of what I call quarter-truth suppliers.

I would have said half-truths but that would not have been truthful either! If you get a quarter of what was promised that would be a good result in most cases.

Most marketers in the Internet marketing niche have no desire to give you a hand up. They just want your email address to spam you with all sorts of over-hyped so called products.

Big Spenders.

This newbie group buy so much product it keeps a few people very rich. These are the people who make bigger or more outrageous claims for their knowledge to continue to suck newbies in.

Some considerations.

  • The time it takes to make money is not related to money spent, it's all about what you know about yourself first and then marketing something you can succeed with.
  • If you buy in to any marketing tools or pay for information online it must be tightly specific to your needs and chosen market.
  • When you know how to make money online you can do it at will, but it still takes some time to learn all you need to know about protecting your markets.
  • There are so many different types of online businesses. No matter which ideas you have for making money, when you start to monetise or make money from your site, blog, hub, affiliate sites or any other online activity it may all work well until you start to make real money when other problems arise. By this time you will hopefully have got some outside help, or have learnt how to protect yourself from hard experience.

Newbies are seen by marketers very differently to beginners.

The term "newbie" is reserved by Internet marketers for people they see as fair game to market all their useless crap to, and have usually seen quite a lot of information on SEO, PPC, server side configurations and may even be able to use html and write and install quality scripts etc.In other words they still know little about marketing, but enough to appeal to their greed or need.

For the most part pro marketers already know that newbies can't earn a living on line.

  • Spending time and money on expensive keyword tricks and SEO ebooks does nothing to help either.
  • Newbies still need to write a killer sales letter and build tightly focused landing pages for each keyword and group.
  • Being able to build keyword lists then group keywords so that they get quality hits is a bit harder than many think.
  • This part of the learning takes the newbie more time and money than they thought as beginners and it is often a long time before they become a noob.
  • Each one of these categories may have a different idea of what will work for them to make online money.
  • While during each stage of development the Guru types make a killing
  • This is how we are seen by professional marketers. Beginner? Sell them this crap. Newbie? sell them this other crap.noob? sell them more expensive crap.

You may already understand building websites, hubs or blogs.

You may even have the basics of shopping cart management, auto-responder setups, volume hosting costs and are talented at SEO and PPC.

I have a question for you....are you making money yet?.

You can make money on line, but it is hard as hell to get started before getting a few basics absolutely right.

First let's have a bit of harsh reality.

Anyone can make a lot of money online when they understand all this right? You just have to know the marketing tricks right?

Sort of.

Once you understand the steep learning curve it takes to get good at the money making side of things, you begin to realise that this will take a while longer than you thought and even longer for some who are slow at this particular type of learning.

Being a slow learner just means it will take more time it does not mean it is beyond you. Even getting rich online is not beyond the average person, it is just that they need to know their business well, and that means understanding all the jargon, and how the whole marketing thing is driven.

If you learn fast and have quick success remember to learn all the pitfalls real quick too or you will just as quickly go broke.

Too many sites make great money for a while, sometimes long enough to have paid for all your online expenses or even enough to buy a new car out of the extra income.

Trouble is keeping it.

Many online businesses in certain markets are king for a while then poof! Gone.

Reason? There are a lot of reasons, some are related just to marketing mistakes, but many are not.... very many are not.

this is where the difference between the average marketer and the professional successful and long term marketer comes in.

You will learn these lessons about the business of Internet marketing eventually, in a couple of different ways. Do not expect that this is in any way easy in any market. It is not.

How fast you learn and how much it costs to learn depends to a large degree on luck and your own talent.Here is some of the stuff you do need to know to have any chance at all.

There is too much information to choose from, therefore it takes some uncommon sense to work out. This is why you need to begin learning one aspect of marketing at a time.

  1. You need a filtering system to ensure that the information you are considering does not have the vital bits missing.
  2. The information or product you buy needs to suit what you are doing to monetise your particular niche market or marketing system.
  3. The "Gurus who sell you their get rich now stuff will imply or say that it will work for all marketers and this is simply not true.
  4. to put it another way, it may work for them if they already have a huge list of customers and many affiliate marketers selling for them.Unless you have all that you will earn nothing new from their claims of what income you will make, as that will be entirely up to your ability, not the guru's.
  5. It is like saying you can race cars because you know what a car is.
  6. if you were earning 10k or 20k a week easily out of an online business, would you go and give that information away, or even sell it? I would not.
  • You would not even mention it online at all if it was so bloomin easy would you?
  • If you had a real and easy way to make money would you go blab about it all over the net?
  • Human nature dictates that you would not say a word about it.You would keep it in the family and only tell your closest and poorest friends, not give it to some total stranger out of love and kindness. Not that people are unkind, but we all have to survive right? Well these lovely people are not as kind as they project.
  • To duplicate any system will take money.

You Have to pay for any real advice, and you have to learn it from more than one source as well as trial and error. The information you get from hub-pages is never about how to get rich quick. It is people trying to help who are genuine about it and do not worry about competition from you, as we are all small in the sense that it is never about how to retire tomorrow afternoon!

You can succeed on your own.

It took one friend 2 full years of very hard work to pull in 6k a week gross. The net profit is still lousy as it costs heaps to run this business, but it does gross more almost every week, but the costs go up proportionally too.

This is the one model I have looked at in complete detail from the inside that I know works.

The money making model looks like this.

  • Write a good ebook in a broad market
  • Then choose a name for the website carefully matched to a niche in the market your was in.
  • Sign up for google AdWords.
  1. Design a single squeeze or sign-up page with nothing on it but your add for a free newsletter and a place to sign in to receive free tips.
  2. Give a lot of top quality free tips by email with a link to your sales page for a series of more free tips.

(AdWords campaigns are a pain. be very careful and understand what Google rewards and punishes before you start with AdWords or you could lose your house in a few weeks.

The business model above was built with leads from a single squeeze page with no links on it just a sign up form offering the free tips with a link to the sales page.

From working the stats from your AdWords campaigns and carefully adjusting keywords and groups it will grown slowly.

The AdWords campaigns have not had much work done other than to be careful not to get bitten by the google machine it has been simple to run.

AdWords is the only source of advertising being used to promote the site and although it costs a bucket it works very well after a lot of misfires.

The Google AdWords site will teach you a lot if you read and understand all of it.

Personally I wish I had started at hub-pages earlier as my hurdle is to learn how to write.

Testing is the biggest hurdle in marketing.

You need to split test everything you do. Never make a change to a page without testing it first. You have your view of what will work. Your market does not give a rat's what you believe or like, and nor should you. Look at what your market likes.

Another friend purchases one of those Guru packages and followed it.

It worked and this is where the luck part comes in as it is very unusual to make money learning mainly from one source even if you can find an honest one..

He had me to help, but this was a while back now, and I knew much less than I do now.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I hate all that guru stuff, but some of it works for some types of marketing.

I would not dare to suggest any one Guru because needs are different depending on how you are making money from the net and from what method.

These hub-pages do so much of the early learning work of understanding how to get earnings, showing stats, allowing links, capsules and other inbuilt tools.

A couple of truisms:

  • Without back links most websites are pretty lonely places.
  • The experts say you need high quality links, and nothing but ... to last on the Internet.

Until you have a fair bit of momentum good back links are a bit thin on the ground and the important engines like back links a lot.

  • Pick your back-links carefully to get a good result from google
  • Get permission to send emails by using double opt in,so that you have some chance of your email arriving and being seen
  • Basic good and honest processes will work best with all the search engines long term, but at this time the snake oil salesmen still have too much of the floor.

Ranting squeeze pages

I have seen hundreds of ranting squeeze pages out there on the net, and many affiliate sites offers that promise the moon.

Some of them get punished for their poorly worded keyword stuffed content pages, but unfortunately stuffing keywords in works great when you learn how to do it well evidently, so I think I'll be happier when that changes. Go slow write well and grow.

I have learnt that some of the big risk taking marketers spend more than they make on AdWords campaigns quite often, so it is high risk to be a cowboy with AdWords.

Some of the whales of this industry spend hundreds of thousands a month on AdWords and other ppc. (pay per click) advertising, and no, that is not a misprint.

The risks are very high for the "cowboy gurus" and they make big money when it works.

Stay away from markets that are owned by big corporations as there is no way to compete with them. They will simply outspend you.

Dirty tricks.

You will see "look at me/my affiliates earnings showing you can make 10,000 a week usually followed by pics of cheques from Google or elsewhere.

These huge earnings may well be true and often are, but bear no relationship to your earning potential, as you do not already have a million subscribers and thousands of people like you earning money for you.

"Just follow what I did to make what I make" is rat droppings!

They forget to tell you what they spent on advertising and online monthly memberships and a hundred other things.They also "forget" to tell you that it took them 10 years to do it and put their house on the line half a dozen times.

They also "forget" to tell you they have built hundreds or even thousands of web sites and a squeeze page for every keyword they have. Most have thousands of keywords.

The good news.

The good news is that with enough smarts and enough time and effort you can earn a living online. Oh and even when you have some success, online business is like any other business in as much as you must not have just one source of income or you will eventually fall over due to market change.

I never listen to people who tell me they got rich online because:

  1. Why tell me? So I can take some of it off you?

  2. If I become your affiliate when you have thousands of them already, what chance have I got?

  3. I know you will lie by omission by leaving out the real cost of sales.

  4. I do not believe in the tooth fairy either.

The truth is that although you or I can make money online, nobody hands it out like gifts from the gods.

Learn then look again is my moto.

If I do think an offer sound reasonable. I type their name or the name of their product or service in to Google followed by a word like scam, scammer, hype, crook , shonky, liar, rip off or any others you can think of.

On at least the first page you will find them and their affiliates using the same word in their adds to trick you in to thinking you have found something negative. These links will take you to yet another site pimping their products, services etc.

Dig deeper, go to page 10 or so. In many cases you will find some poor bugger who has been ripped off by them.

Honest people.

Honest people have to sell online too, it is just that hype works or these crooks would not use it. This forces others who would like to advertise honestly on to the back foot.

I would settle for a product or service add that told me I can make a little money if I work, and a bit more if I work hard, and a fair income if I keep doing it for a year or two, but then I am Australian and we do not hype as much as our American counter parts.

So how would you sell that to an American who is used to being told that if they buy this or that product it will make them a millionaire in a day and do the dishes!

So you still have to look at the sales or squeeze page and scrape the bull-dust off to see the offer in most cases anyway.

Americans marketers seem to have very coca cola view of the truth and believe you have to promise instant wealth even to get a response because in truth they are not aiming it at the world.

They are aiming it at the worlds biggest consumers. Americans. For many American marketers, the world market is America.

There are often some megalomaniacs amongst the Guru set as well.

This does not seem to be as obvious to them as it is to the rest of us.

Despite the fact that I know lots of great Americans and have a lot of friends over there, marketers seem to be a different breed in the main.(There are exceptions of course and I know some really good ones, but it takes a lot of time to find them amongst the wide-boys and low-lifer's.

Many I have spoken to are as ignorant as goat shit as well as being rude and obnoxious. it is common for them to have never heard of Australia where I live and think it is near Holland or think I must have said Austria. In truth Australia has a higher computer use per capita than America and are a major online market that is world aware and well educated...... especially when it comes to the Internet!

The costs when you up and running.

When you get started the miracle of commerce reveals itself.

You will have your contents ripped off by the big dogs for starters.

A tip from Eric a fellow hubber will help you find out who ripped off or "scraped" your contents.

  1. Find an obscure reference or unusual sentence in your own article then type it in to your google search page like this: "..................................." Google will look for all he words you type between " ..........." " and so will show any duplicate content.
  2. You can then go to their page and tell them to remove the duplicate content or get their service provider to remove the contents that they have taken from you.


You will discover as you start to make money that you must pay a lot of monthly payment to use the tools you need to make it all work properly or do it all yourself. You need strong and reliable sales to pay for these services/tools.

If you do not pay for services online, then your will be using all your time manually building processes that can be done in minutes using the online services or software.

A prime example is auto responders. You will learn that if you are dealing with a list of subscribers to a newsletter or constant contact with a list of customers you will pay out for service from shopping carts and auto responders like aweber or 1shopping cart.

There are only a couple available that work ok but this is one online expense it is hard to do without if you have a list of more than a few thousand customers or prospective customers you would like to sell to.

What chosen market?

Not the market you would love to work in, the one that will make you money that is related in some way to your desires, morals and beliefs.

The one you found by doing months of keyword research with all the major search engines looking for a niche market that will still be around for long enough to make a dollar out of before the big fish swim in and swipe your niche cash cow.

The big guys can see all your advertising your online costs, all your keywords and keyword grouping, all your campaigns, so even if you have found a hot market you will not be alone for long unless you keep learning how to continue increasing your heavy solid authority backlinks to stay in the top of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN at a minimum.


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    • profile image

      John Orshea 

      7 years ago

      I'm convinced the fastest and easiest way to make money online is affiliate marketing. The most of people earning a thousands of dollars every month so .. Why don't trying it?

      For more information click on my website

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Making money online is not as the most people may think. When the most of everybody doing in the same way, there's no profit or even less, there's a lot of money to spend.

      If we talk about the Internet, we talk about UNLIMITED source of making money online, worldwide! Think out of the box, and so nothing is impossible! Luckily, I have seen this Youtube private video - - and it's make me get inspired, I hope someones will get inspired too.

      And one more thing, having a website is the most important to do, especially to start making money online. Without a website, making money online is just like a salesman doing his door-to-door jobs.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you nagarajnow. I am glad you consider it very helpful for beginners.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Hey thanks habee, glad you did!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      9 years ago from Georgia

      Great hub! Wow, I really learned a lot! Thumbs up!

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      There are ways to make good money on line. They all take a lot of learning and some luck!

      I have written about one successful method on another hub.

    • Tamarii2 profile image


      9 years ago from NEW YORK

      Great hub. I do want to make money.Five months now and nothing.Your hub helped. I hope by now you are making money online.Thanks 4 your informative hub.ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY with great peace.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks viryabo! It is a tough business alright. I am so glad you got some learning from here. I learn every day, language and meanings are important to understand the many different processes in online marketing, and many things are quite different technically to offline marketing with new words and actions to learn. Good luck!

    • viryabo profile image


      9 years ago

      Even though i've been at this Internet making money for 7 months now, i find this hub SO, SO, informative. I like to learn new things as much as is possible, and i have learnt much from this article. When i started testing the waters early this year, i had no idea whatsoever that it will be an uphill task. But i told myself i didnt want to be one of the 95% that give up (or is it 'in'). That is what kept me going. I was definitely NOT going to spend money learning this, so ive been doing it the difficult way. Im glad i took that decision, but i never expected the help i have been getting, directly and indirectly, from Hubpages. I know a bit now, but not near enough so im still studying. Im glad i read this hub and i agree totally with the fact that the 'gurudevils' are only out to bleed beginers, newbies and noobs(didnt know newbies and noobs are slightly different). Can you just imagine those screenshots of massive income. Some of them need to be shot!!

      Learning and trying to get backlinks is now my next line of study. This online business is so hard and time consuming, but i've invested so much time in it, i cant give up.

      Thanks earnest for this hub.


    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you for commenting pinkhawk, although it is hard to build a good online business, if you do it right and work hard on learning the technical side of marketing online, it can still be done. Good luck, and help is here if you need it.

    • pinkhawk profile image


      9 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

      thank you Sir for these valuable information,now i understand something about the internet marketing world, it's not that easy esp. for me.. i have been using the internet for many years but only for research projects and fun or informative reading, i have no idea with these stuffs until i got curious with so many money making online ads that could give extra income--that's why im exploring but still millions miles away from the real deal behind this...maybe that's the reason why i wasn't able to generate even a single cent in my adsense account...thank you again Sir! :)

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks for the comment Free4India, it can be done, but if you are not succeeding and have alternative work, i would probably say don't bother, it is too hard and takes too long.

      If you follow my ebook procedure it will make money if you can write decent articles, or buy them.

    • free4india profile image


      9 years ago

      I don't know what anybody says...... but this is one article I could read it and feel .......

      however I still do not know whether to stay put or retire....

      copyright violators seem to making money like anything in my country... i dont want to do that..... but honest guys are just not earning anything.....

      I am on the verge of giving up my 5 year old web dreams...... 5 years I have learned more lesson than I have earned money.......

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      So true Dolores! A lot of work, and time..... It takes years of learning to get a decent reliable income.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 

      10 years ago from East Coast, United States

      earnest, thanks for all the info. i keep forgetting about tryng to make money. it's been a problem my whole life, haha. i do know someone who was suckered by one of those get rich quick schemes and lost hundreds of dollars. i think people don't realize that to make money online, you still have to do a lot of work.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi, what a nice hub,I think that picture onsite can talk much than word"picture express thousand word" is it right?Have nice day

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks Eric, I am still using Michael Block's stuff at Taming the a great learning site where you can choose from the thousands of articles he has written . The subjects covered are wide and varied.

      I have signed on to the 30 day challenge, but I lost my details (wish I had been using Flock then)

      I will go and take another look.

    • Eric Graudins profile image

      Eric Graudins 

      10 years ago from Australia

      If you are at all serious about learning how to make money on the interent, set aside 2 or 3 hours a day and work through The Thirty Day challenge.


      This is a free course that theaches you the basics of whaqt you need to know, as well as showing you how to use free tools to do it.

      Of course, there are paid versions oft he tools that make things work faster and better, but you really can learn for free.

      All you need to invest is your time.

      Yes, there's the odd upsell to Ed Dale's monthly membership courses, but really, the 30 Day challenge is the best place I've seen to get an internet education . Free.

      Cheers, Eric G.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks rockinjoe, Just saw your "prettywasted hebsite. I am reading it now on the other screen.(I have two screens for multi tasking.) Now if I could just get my brain to do the same.

      Thank you for the helpful comment Miranda.

      A hub comparing theories of quantity versus quality backlinks including a discussion about click through rate obtained would be a very good read.

      I will look around these hubs to see what I can find.

      Do you know of a hub on this subject? I would like to read it if it is out there.

    • Miranda Rights profile image

      Miranda Rights 

      10 years ago from In the New Zealand, where the vampire sheeps are...

      Google might penalize your site if you have a massively high percentage of spammy bad back links. We're talking in the thousands here, with few to no 'good' links.

    • rockinjoe profile image

      Joseph Addams 

      10 years ago from Standing right behind you!

      Megalomaniacs? America? Nahhhhhh :)

      Thanks for the hub!

    • PLM profile image


      10 years ago

      that's correct, you won't get "banned" but it does hurt your marketing efforts.

      what google does is give you poor rankings when they index your articles and all it takes is few lousy backlinks that cost you some poor rankings after you work and work and work to build your indexing and bust your tail off to SEO and use all those techniques, spending hours of labor intensive work researching and building links... then pow... google slaps you with poor rank, you just wanna pull your hair out sometimes

      sometimes it's just easier if they ban you rofl

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Huge...small brain...will try to learn.....Sheese! all that for 2 cents?

      Great work mate as usual.

      Lissie pointed out my error on this hub, which I will fix now that I remember. google does not ban us for bad backlinks

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Huge...small brain...will try to learn.....Sheese! all that for 2 cents?

      Great work mate as usual.

      Lissie pointed out my error on this hub, which I will fix now that I remember. google does not ban us for bad backlinks

    • PLM profile image


      10 years ago

      Hey bro, couldn't resist this article and then read these comments. Great job by the way and I had to throw in my 2 cents on backlinks.

      Use this method that works like gangbusters...

      Write like a maniac. And I mean write like no one will ever read it. Ever heard of dance like no one's watching? Well write like a maniac and take some massive action to get tons of content. You're writing skills get refined, you get faster, and before you know it, you're WPM increase plus you're ability to pump out fresh original quality content with unique style of your own is developed.

      You take a niche for example, write a few hundred articles (This is a method called article marketing or otherwise known as "Bum Marketing" ... coined by Travis Sago).. you dump your great stuff onto a main brick and mortar site such as Hubpages Squidoo or Ezine (I use these 3 out of my top 4 choices for the mere fact of google love affair and indexing is great for your ranks)

      You submit artciles that link to your articles at these sites and funnel em all to your main primary work, ... then you bang out articles blogs and landers that are all funneling from your links (backlinks) from your own work. RSS feed em from squidoo to ezines etc.

      Now here's a great tool I use daily and love. When it comes to backlinks there is absolutely nothing else I use.

      This is a newly developed tool by a business partner of mine in Canada. One of my bros and he designed this. Basically it's a tool that does what you can do for free using googles functions that already do this. Just in a faster simpler format he threw together for affiliate marketers.

      Yes that is my affiliate link and I make money if you buy this tool Back Link Agent. It's something I use myself and believe will provide you with some powerful capability.

      If you simply don't like me just type in the main page and buy through the main site.

      The important part of this tool that I'll share with you is this (I rarely give information about what I do exactly... so here is a rare opportunity)

      There is a function that allows you to pull backlinks in seconds by the thousands literally. The daunting task is usually time consuming as you browse these links and pull out the quality ones you wish to use for your own work. Now here's what I use. Despite the function of finding backlinks that you can submit or add your own URL's to their sites with a simple form, I actually don't use that much at all myself. There are 3 that I find to be the most powerful and I am sure you will to as well.

      Forum links

      Article sites

      and link spy

      ...I'll let that gel for a minute or so. Think about why I would pull links from those instead of useing the submit and add url function to pull links.

      For one, I like forum and article sites... I can pull out links from articles and forums that are relevant to the keywords I pulled links out of for my niches. Link spying is powerful tool where you can reverse track all the backlinks a certain site has to it. It's spying on your competition. Simply input the url of a site and select link spying to pull out the stuff your competitors use for their backlinks and take a look at all the links that funnel to their sites.

      Ponder that for a bit and you'll have a big eye opening epiphany any second.

      Awesome tool, isn't it!


      Priest McLane

    • agvulpes profile image


      10 years ago from Australia

      Thanks mate that just about explains everything? I've bookmarked the link.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      agvulpes, this is a very good place to get an overview.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you for the correction lissie. you are of coarse right on every point.

      I am honored and pleased that you commented. it helps others to learn from someone like you.

    • Lissie profile image

      Elisabeth Sowerbutts 

      10 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice hub and yes there are a lot of scames out there. One thing I think is wrong - you "say pick your backlinks carefully or you wil be banned by google" - if google really penalised sites for the sites that linked TO them then it would be very easy to take down your competition. Sure multiple low-quality links from forums and social book marking will count for very little or get discounted if they are associated with dup content - but u won't get banned from them no matter what - now where u link to - is a whole different story LOL

    • agvulpes profile image


      10 years ago from Australia

      yes thanks for that earnestshub. Would you have any suggestions on how to obtain these backlinks.

    • earnestshub profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Hi agvulpes. Here is an answer to  "What are backlinks."

      Backlinks are incoming links to a blog or hub or website.

      Back links are also known as inbound links, inlinks, and inward links

      Whenever another webpage,blog etc links to yours, that is a backlink.

      The quality of a backlinks is important to SEO (Search Engine Optiimization)

      Backlinks from highly ranked sites are the best.

       It is very important (if you want your backlinks to work) to make sure the linked in pages are on the same topic or subject 

      Anchor text should be related to the theme of the backlink as this makes the much needed quality backlink increase your blog or website's page rank.

      I hope that goes some way towards answering your question

    • agvulpes profile image


      10 years ago from Australia

      Like you earnestshub I to would like to make some money on the net. Even $1.00 would be nice , because then something like duplication could come into effect.

      Would you mind explaining to a new comer like me what is a "back link".


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