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How long does it take - online income

Updated on February 26, 2017

Making Money Online

Its been about four months since i joined hubpages but really only two months since i really started getting involved and creating some hubs. I found hubpages through my online thrawling for ways to make money online. That was the reason i joined hubpages in the first place but at this stage, after making 51c in my first month and 5c so far this month, i have realised something. When working on the internet to make money the likelihood is you will fail because you are putting the emphasis on making money and that comes across to the reader. My advice therefore to anyone who wants to make money online, don't try so hard. I continue to thrall through the internet and i am still coming up with new ways to make money, nothing huge but it all adds up. Read on and i will try explain some of these ways.


About this time last week i was feeling down about the whole making money online business and i because, to be honest, my goals are not been met on a monthly basis. I googled 'make a living online' and the usual promises were there to make 100k in a few hours / days / months. I scrolled down through all of this and eventually came across a link to amazon mechanical turk. I had never come across this before. Now its not going to make you a fortune, and its not going to give you a return income, but i have been using it for four days and i have about 15 dollars made, which to me is a good income for a few minutes work each day. Mechanical turk is basically a list of Tasks or Hits as they are called. Each hit has a value to be earned. This can be anything from 1 cent upwards. I have to say i find it fun because most of the hits i am doing are surveys and i enjoy doing them. Just google amazon mechanical turk and have a look for yourself, it costs nothing.


Ok in my previous hub Scam, Scam, Scam i did say that no survey sites seem to be free and they all seem to be scams. Well, that hasnt really changed although im a little bit less sure. My Survey is free to join but it appears to me that you cannot join any surveys until you pay for silver or gold membership or whatever it is. I joined it free and am just waiting for my invitations to complete surveys. I have a feeling i may have a long wait.


To all hubbers reading this, i want to hear from people who are consistently making money online, and how you are doing it. Anyone who is seriously doing full time what the rest of us are trying to do, please let us know any helpful tips and comments. I for one, am sure it still can be done. I'm not talking about becoming a millionaire just making a decent living online. I would appreciate all your helpful comments as im sure a lot of other people would also. Looking forward to reading them all.


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    • tmheffernan profile image

      tmheffernan 13 months ago from Middle East

      To be honest where i am is safer that a lot of places out there. There are no safety issues at all here thank god.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 13 months ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      We are all looking for the road paved with gold. I worked with surveys and most are honest, but are quite time consuming relative to the return.

      I have not made much on hub pages and I think that it is not structured for you to make a great deal of money. If you hear of anything, let me know.

      Thanks for the follow, I have to wonder how safe you feel in your working environment? Don't you ever get a bit nervous working in that part of the world?

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Like you I have been searching for ways. I'm sticking with hubpages for the moment as I haven't the time for anything else. I plan on providing monthly updates to report on my hubpages progress, so you'll be able to see how this is working out for me.