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How much do you give

Updated on July 19, 2017
Graph of how much people give when working vs on Holidays
Graph of how much people give when working vs on Holidays

How much do you give?

Giving can be limitless. The question is How much do you give? people ask this question daily whether it be for a purchase, or talking to your boss at work. How much do you give has a double meaning. How much do you give money wise and time wise is where the double meaning of how much do you give comes in. Everyone always asks how much how much money, how much time, how much of myself, do you want me to give. These are just examples depending on the situation you are in. Another example is in school how much time do you give to a certain subject when you have four others to consider as well. Think about it, that depends on the amount of work that each subject requires sometimes, a subject doesn’t require as much work as another, and vice versa.

That might be how much you give to studies but how much do you give to a job and others. There are many different scenarios that you could go through. How much of yourself do you give, if you are in a job that you don’t like do you make it seem as though you don’t like that job, no you just do your work to the best of your ability and hope for the best. Giving in anything is limitless if you want a good outcome.

In hoping for the best and giving so much of yourself, you need to have the right people to back you. Yes, some people might say that they don’t need anyone but themselves but in reality, they need people to root for them and show them the way when they get lost. Also how much of yourself do you give to others without getting something in return or even putting your own things off that you have been meaning to do so that you can help someone else. Yes helping others is a good thing, but how much can you help someone when you need to help yourself too. I guess what I am trying to say is when helping others you need to budget your time accordingly.

When you think of the words how much, what do you think How much time, money and energy you put into one specific thing correctly? Well when you think of it like that, it makes you realize that either you have to slow down and smell the roses, everyone has heard that expression before, or you have to really think about if what you are doing is really helping someone. For example, when someone says how much is too much, like trying to help them learn something about a new business but you are actually doing it for them, instead of having them do some of it so that they can learn about what they are supposed to be doing.

If you ask people how much they usually say how much what, and then they go into how many things they either have to do in a day or how much things cost. How much is a vague term that could bring to mind so many different things? What do you think of when you hear the term How much, some people might say how much more can I take, how much more is something going to cost. When I hear the term how much do you give or even the term how much, I try to not let it bother me, I try and think of it in small increments and see where that leads, why don’t we all try and think of that term in that way and maybe people won’t be so worried or stressed later. How much can be a limitless phrase but that could cause more stress let’s not cause stress but think of it as a limitless phrase just one step at a time.

This is a perfect giving quote
This is a perfect giving quote

Giving can be Limitless

There are many different ideas of giving, what do you think some of yours are? Do you give all the time, or do you just give at special occasions? What do you think the meaning of giving is? Can giving be limitless? Giving can feel like it is limitless just remember to give to yourself, too. When you give, you feel uplifted and in turn that can make you feel limitless and want to do it over and over again, because there is such a good feeling when you give to others don't you think?

Do you ever notice how much you give to people, or how much you give of yourself? Giving is great especially when you are giving to charity or helping a friend and it makes you feel good, but have you ever given so much that you don't even notice it? I have done that a few times in my life and I feel great about it, but then I look at the things in my life that I have left, and realize I have to stop and focus on me for a little bit.

Giving is great and you can give a lot to the community and the people around you in limitless amounts but never forget why you are giving to people and how much you are giving and why you are giving so much, A lot of people just give to get recognized and that is not the way to do it, You should give, to help people not to get recognition.

You should also give enough of yourself, that you can still manage your life. What I mean by that is you shouldn't be running yourself, ragged just to give to someone else, you should plan it out and put the time aside to help someone else and give them your all when you are there, because if you do that you will feel so much better about yourself, it is when you only give half of yourself, to something that you feel like you are running yourself ragged. That is not what giving is supposed to be about you are supposed to be able to give limitlessly and still live your life the way it is meant to be lived.

Giving is Limitless
Giving is Limitless

Give in a limitless sense

When you give something, you don't just give part of the way. You give it in a sense that it is limitless so that the person or the thing that you are giving too can be completed the way it was meant too. Don't give so much in the limitless sense where you forget who you are as a person that is not the way giving was meant to happen. So be careful when you give and how much you give.

How much should we give? Let's Discuss

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