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How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork

Updated on July 14, 2016
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What is Upwork?

As wikipedia says, "Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork. It is based out of Mountain View and San Francisco, California."

It is a website where employers look for employees to work on tasks that can be done online or offline and let the work be submitted using the internet. Upwork was formely oDesk, a popular freelancing site since 2003 and it merged with another promising freelancing platform Elance on 2013 to be what it is today. Both employees and employers are free to sign up as basic plan. Employers can upgrade their plan with corresponding prices depending on added services needed to find online freelancers. Work includes web and software programming, writing services, web design, web development, virtual assisting, customer service representation, online tutoring, and the like.

Earning Money on Upwork

One can look for online jobs a prospective employer posts on the online platform. Then the one looking for work will submit a proposal, somewhat like submitting your cover letter using the web. Resumé is not necessary to submit, but there is an option to submit a file when passing a proposal. The submit option is usually utilized to submit previous sample works so that the prospective employer can gauge if you are fit for the job or not. If the employer likes you, you'll go through an interview (chat or video) and if you get approved the employer will offer you a contract you have to accept to start working on the task given you.

Sometimes someone will hire you out of the blue without even applying for a job. He or she can message you about the instructions or attach file/s with directions of the said work. The message also includes a Review and Accept button to start a working contract. The contract is important so that you'll be sure to submit the work within the deadline and it also protects you from getting paid after passing your work.

How to Accept Offer on Upwork:

1. Login to with your email/username and password.


2. Go to Messages and Select your unread messages (written in bold). If you have a job offer, as you read the message, you will see at the following details:

Client: <Client Name>
Freelancer: <Your Name>
Job Posting: <Job Post Title>
Contract Title: <Job Post Title>
Estimated Budget: <Amount in $>
Milestone 1: <Milestone Title with corresponding amount if funded>
Attachment: <Attached file (can be word document, spreadsheet or even software>
This offer will expire on <Day of the week>, <Date>.
Review and accept this offer to start working now!

A milestone is like a pit-stop to your work. Because the task at hand takes a lot of work, Upwork breaks down the whole project to individual tasks known as a milestone. A milestone is usually funded (via escrow) so it ensures the worker that he gets paid when the work is passed and approved.

How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork
How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork

3. When you click the Review and Accept button, you will be directed to a webpage where you are briefed about the contract title, related job opening, budget for the whole contract, milestone (milestone name, funded amount and due date), offer date and client message. When you're done reading the client message, click the Accept Offer button (boxed in red).

How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork
How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork

4. A pop-up box will show and you'll be able to message the client about when you would submit it, your gratitude towards the work offered, etc, anything that is appropriate to tell the client before starting on your work. You should also tick the box to accept Upwork terms and conditions before you proceed to click the Accept offer (boxed in red).

How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork
How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork

And you're done! Another pop-up message will show up telling you that you've accepted the offer. You are now under a contract. Remember to submit your work within the deadline specified on the offer.

How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork
How to Accept a Job Offer on Upwork

Note: You can accept as many contracts as you can but be sure that you submit quality work and pass it on time. Also, contracts have the tendency to become inactive (when no milestone is regularly added). You can end the contract but be sure to contact Upwork first as it may affect your overall rating on the website.

Work hard and earn well!


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