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How to Advertise eBay Items - Get More Views and More Bids

Updated on July 3, 2016

Using eBay to sell old, second hand stuff is a great way to make extra cash and clear out the house. However, sometimes sellers can be undecided on whether to sell a particular item on eBay, with the deciding factor being how much money will it get. This article details self advertising techniques that can be used to help attract more bidders to an item and earn more money on eBay.

Advertising eBay Items on Forums

Nowadays there seems to be a website, blog and forum for any product, person or place imaginable. This works in the eBay seller's advantage as if there is a website for it there is a market for it. When selling an item on eBay look for a website that is based around that item and if that website has a forum where the product could be advertised.

For example rare vinyl records are a popular item on eBay and there are many websites and forums dedicated specifically to vinyl records. People who use forums based around a particular product such as vinyl records are obviously interested in that product. By joining a forum the seller can describe the product to a select audience and group who may be very interested in buying but otherwise may never have seen the product on eBay.

Social Networking for eBay Items

When an item is listed on eBay it is impossible to know who may be interested in buying it. It could be a buyer on the other side of the world, a next door neighbour or even a family member. A great way to advertise eBay items to a lot of people quickly is to post a link to the listing onsocial networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

It may be that a friend of a friend is interested in the item and only found it because it came up on their Facebook wall or in their Twitter feed. If a seller has 100 friends on Facebook who in turn all have 100 friends the eBay listing could be seen by thousands of people and it only takes 1 to buy the item.

Tips for Listing eBay Items

There are also may tips for listing eBay items that can help the listing come up in more search results on the actual eBay website. If a seller has a pair of Paul Smith Shoes rather than simply putting the title of "Paul Smith Shoes" try "Brown, Leather Paul Smith Shoes in Size 8." By adding more keywords into the title, the item will come up in more search results on eBay.

Other techniques to help your eBay listing appeal to more buyers include taking a very clear photo, putting as many details in the listing as possible and offering multiple postage and payment options. The more a seller adds to a listing the more appealing the eBay listing becomes. Just a couple of extra keywords here and there could attract just one more bidder and give the seller more money.

With any eBay item the more people who see it the greater the odds that someone will want to buy it. It only takes two buyers to start a bidding war and give the seller more money for their item. If 200 people see the listing this means that just 1% of them need to like and want it.


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