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How to Answer the Question "Why Do You Think You Are the Perfect Fit for This Job?"

Updated on March 4, 2017

In the economic climate that prevails today, competition is all-pervasive and this includes the job market as well. At the same time, enormous opportunities beckon the right candidates. This means that job aspirants should not only acquire skills and knowledge but must prepare well also so employers will know their calibre. This also means that job aspirants should perform well in their job interviews. If you are a job aspirant, you may face tricky questions during your job interview. One such tricky question is "why do you think you are the perfect fit for this job?"
An answer that does not satisfy or enthuse the interviewers may blunt whatever positive impact your resume may have created in them. Of course, there are no rules of thumb to answer this question nor is it possible to cherry-pick a right answer.

Once the interviewer poses this question to you, you may think of this obvious answer which is that you have studied well about their company and so, you know the issues they are likely to encounter. Since you have the exposure and experience of handling several challenging issues, you can come up with solutions for problems, if any, they may face. That is the reason you consider that you are the perfect fit for the job. This answer may or may not impress the interviewers.

But it may not always be possible to access the complete details of a company and therefore, there are chances that your reply may not satisfy the interviewer. Of course, you can say that you have good knowledge about the industry in which they are operating and the issues that are likely to crop up in the industry. This may not also help because every company is unique and so, the problems the company is likely to encounter may also vary widely. Hence, the solutions you offer may not suit them. In short, you may not be able to give an impressive reply to the interviewer.

At the same time, you cannot afford not to give your answer just because you are not able to come up with some new answer that has never been said before.

Nonetheless, the following suggestions may help. You can try giving the following answers:

1. "I constantly push myself so I can come out with improved results. I am aware that this involves an element of uncertainty due to which I face pressure. But such pressure situations help me thrive and grow. Further, I enjoy tackling challenges and working in deadline-driven environments. So, I am the perfect fit for this job."

2. "When I am entrusted with a task, I become obsessed with it. In fact, I have trained my mind suitably so I come out with the right questions to ask. These questions provide me with the exact details of what you expect from me. Once I am clear about this, I ensure to finish the task on time. Not only that, I keep the task-related expenses within the budget parameters you have set. This makes me the right candidate for the job."

3. "I am an idea generator. Though I use various methods for generating ideas, the main method I deploy is "cross-fertilisation." By this, I mean that I do not hesitate to make use of ideas from completely unrelated topics if I think that they may be relevant to the task I have been entrusted with. This strategy helps me come up with unique ideas."

4. "I always have the habit of studying the competition in the industry in which the company for which I work operates. I try to keep abreast of the latest trends in the field as well. These go a long way in helping me contribute to the process of making the right strategies. I assure you that I will continue following these steps in your company also. That is why I consider that I am the perfect fit for this job."

5. "I have the rare maturity and ability of involving myself deeply in my work for which I need not make any conscious effort.

If you think that that your answer is not interesting or you are repeating the answer that has been said before by several job aspirants, you need not worry about it. In fact, the interviewers may want to hear their own point of view through your words. By repeating the answer they want to hear, you are pleasing them.

Employers cannot expect every job aspirant to come up with new answers that have never been said before. Almost all the job aspirants will be unemployable If every employer starts thinking so. Simply put, the answer you give for the question has a lot more to do with how you present it than with the answer itself.

Also remember that the purpose of an interview is not to hear an objective answer but to find a candidate who can really 'think off the cuff' and who can 'present' her thoughts with confidence and conviction.

Another strategy can help you in answering this question. But it will help only if the question is posed to you after several other questions. The strategy is to know the thought process of the interviewer with the help of the previous questions. You should frame your answer to the current question on the basis of your guessing. The interviewer should feel that how you think is in complete synergy with his thought process. In this strategy, you are laying faith on the "momentum" of the interview.

But once you decide to try this step, you should ensure to add a dose of emotion to your answer. By doing so, you may not have the need to come out with a long tirade of logical points to support your answer. Experts call this as "bypassing of the brain."

Lastly, your “tone” can play a vital role in getting you success in your interview. This means that if you tell your answer with clarity, conviction and firmness, you can certainly impress the interviewer.


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