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How to Avoid Online Jobs Fraud

Updated on December 28, 2014

How to Avoid Online Jobs Fraud

Introduction to Online Job Fraud

Online job fraud are the question of the day for those who are interested to do a job direct from their home. Online job market is growing all over the globe very rapidly. Lot of people from the different communities is searching for online jobs on the net. These are the people who are much interested to work direct from their home instead of going to an office. But as the demands for online jobs are increasing same is the scammers are being more active on the net. There are many scam websites on the net who look same as a legitimate one. It is very difficult for an online job searcher to distinguish between what is real and what is scam.

Scammers Tactics and Offers

Scammers are more sophisticated, polite and friendly on the net. There online job fraud strategy is so effective and workable that an online jobseeker could easily be trapped. Especially those who are new to web could be an easy prey for them.

All the time these scammers play new tactics and new ways to take the advantage of jobseekers. They will give you very attractive job offers and will display the fake profiles of those who are already their members and are enjoying heavy pay cheques every month. At the very end of their web page they will ask you for one time registration before they award you an online job. Once you paid for it that is the end of it and you will never ever find them anymore.

How to avoid Online Job frauds

It is not as easy as it looks to avoid online job fraud. In real it is a very difficult task to find a difference between scam and legitimate job. If you are not sure of it then you have to take the time to search for a company which is not a scam and the job is legitimate.

If you are new who is looking for an online job or even the one who is doing an online job for some period of time then surely you have come across to the ads that are promising to pay you a heavy cheque every month. Even they will promise to make you millionaire within few months. If you have a little knowledge of internet world then it is very easy for you to understand that all these type of offers are just to scam you. Now-a-days Fraud-Stars are getting more active and applying new techniques to make money by scamming the people. Below we will suggest you few techniques by applying which you could be safe from scammers.

  1. Some of the companies ask you to pay some money for the registration before you start an online job. Remember an employer will never ask you to pay; instead he is the one who will pay you for your services. Best ways to earn online is the freeways.
  2. Before you join a program you need to do enough research about it. You have to check the credibility of that program on the net, such as its traffic volume, and Google ranking. You should also join online job related forums; these forums will provide you a lot of tips and information which could be very helpful to you for searching a legitimate online job. In these forums you will find every second person with a different idea and experience.
  3. Be realistic with yourself. Make it sure that there is no such online job which can make you rich overnight. You have to work hard to make some money. Most of the online jobs are very low paying. It is not realistic to think that doing an online job is enough to support your full time living.

End Credits

If you follow above tips you will found it very helpful to avoid online job frauds. If you are really interested in getting an online job then you have to look for some legitimate ones in the freelancing job sites.


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    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 2 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Great advice! I think the most important common sense you provided is that one shouldn't have to pay to do a job, one is paid to do a job. It's a simple as that. If you are expected to provide money for the privilege of working then it's a scam.