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How to Avoid an Insane Job and a Crazy Employer When You’re Seeking Employment!

Updated on February 4, 2014

In a time when so many people are supposedly out of work

it feels like there are millions of “crazy" employers out there feasting on those who are only looking for a normal kind of job. If you’ve done any kind of job searching, then you’ve likely ran into at least one of these insane employers. They have over the top requirements and some rather almost un-human requests from you as an employee.

Here are some clues as to why the employers are “crazy.” Just by knowing the symptoms, hopefully, it’ll help you avoid them.

They ask you to sign a non-compete agreement or a non-disclosure agreement!

They ask you to sign a non-compete agreement or a non-disclosure agreement!
They ask you to sign a non-compete agreement or a non-disclosure agreement!

Use The Interview to Your Advantage!

Indications that you’re dealing with a “crazy” employer pop up all of them time during the interview. You just have to watch for them. Employers’ show who they really are at the interview and you need to be aware enough to see it. Don’t miss these interview signs. You should be interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. This is the time for you to find out if you can live with the way they do things.

Interview The Employer During The Interview.

Watch for Signs During the Interview
Watch for Signs During the Interview

Confidentiality Agreement

Have You Had to Sign a Confidentiality Agreement for Something That Didn't Seem Very Confidential?

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What Does Your Gut Say?

If you get a bad feeling when you’re talking to the potential employer or something just doesn’t feel right, then you’ve likely ran into a “crazy” employer.

I just hung up with an interviewer, at The Institute of Reading. The job itself was enticing at first. They offer an hourly wage plus commission. It’s a work at home job that will run through the summer months. They say you can earn between $500 to $1000 a week. It sounds like it could be very profitable. However, I’d done some research on the company itself. Many of those who had worked for them in past years often talk about being in fear of their job. It kind of gave me the creeps, but I thought I’d go ahead with the interview to see if the posts online were right or wrong. After the first interview, I was told I was a “strong candidate” for the position.

Ask Questions Out of Their Order.

It was in the second interview where I actually got to see inside the companies’ demons. It was a pre-scheduled interview with a woman named Jana. The first question she had was about the first interview. She asked me what I had been thinking about since the first interview. I told her: “I need to know the hours that were available to work.” She became very agitated and said that she had to follow the script exactly as it was set out. She was unwilling to share the hours available to work without first going over several very lengthy documents. However, on my part, I didn’t want to go over the vast documents unless the hours available fit my schedule so I persisted in trying to find out the hours available. I thought it should have been a small request. However, it wasn’t.

You Know if an Employer is "crazy."

In one swift move, Jana ended the interview process right there and then. (From the research I did on the company, I almost knew before the interview even started what direction it was going to take. However, I wanted to let it run its course.)

3 Steps to an Insane Employer

If something just doesn’t quite feel comfortable in the interview process, you’ve likely ran into an insane employer.

1. Trust your gut. These are people who you will be working with and if you can’t follow their rules or you don’t like them from the beginning, it’s likely not going to change.

2. Ask yourself if you can work with the laid out rules. If they won’t answer simple questions from the beginning, they aren’t going to answer your questions down the road. This doesn’t have to be reason for not getting or not taking a job, but you should know yourself enough to realize if it’s a good fit or not.

3. Say “No” more often to whatever insane process a crazy employer wants you to complete. Say “No” to the downright nonsensical hoops they want you to jump through.

Don't Sign A NON-Compete or a Confidentiality Agreement.

Don't Sign a Non-Compete or Confidentiality Agreement Just Because They Want You to

Next, you might be dealing with a “crazy” employer, if the job is in retail, sales, fast food or even a commissioned position and they ask you to sign a non-compete agreement or a non-disclosure agreement (sometimes known as a confidentiality agreement). You might want to re-consider the position. Your question should be “why exactly would they require such an involved agreement for such a small job?” What kind of sensitive materials are you going to be dealing with?

Sure there are certain aspects of a job that might be sensitive, but often the agreement could be covered in a few simple words instead of a lengthy agreement. I’ve ran into both kinds of agreements when trying to get both a freelance and a telemarketing position in the last couple of months. The telemarketing position’s non-compete said that I couldn’t get another job in sales for a two year time period, which basically eliminates any kind of sales and is an over-the-top requirement for the lame position.

Know What You're Jumping Into.
Know What You're Jumping Into.

Don't Jump, If You Don't Feel Comfortable!

Employers have gotten really “crazy” about employees signing both a non-compete and a confidentiality agreement and use them at almost every turn. Before you even get an interview, ask them if they require you to sign either agreement. Most employers will tell you before you have to waste your time.

Getting a job in today’s world is definitely a different thing. Employers have so many different hoops for you to jump through, a billion different psych tests and who knows what other requirements. The simple days of old of just walking into a business and getting hired are still around, but it really doesn’t happen as often.

Say “No” more often to whatever insane process a crazy employer wants you to complete. Say “No” to the downright nonsensical hoops they want you to jump through. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll at least be helping the next person in line. Maybe the next person applying for the job won’t have to be subjected to this crazy company’s policies and Neanderthal way of hiring. And the insane companies will either have to become a little more normal just to get employees or they will go out of business, simply because no one will work for them.


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    • NikaWest profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Make sure you read everything before signing anything!


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