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How to Avoid the Silliest and Most Common Article Writing Mistakes

Updated on June 16, 2010

How to Avoid the Silliest and Most Common Article Writing Mistakes

If you hope to become good at internet marketing, you need to be able to create good content. Good quality articles and knowing how to write them are essential to succeeding at this field. There are some mistakes made by internet marketers that can really alter the success they see. It will soon become apparent what some of these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

The number one mistake people make when writing articles for the web is they give more emphasis to general information than target info. Your readers were most likely drawn to your article not because they want to read random thoughts on the topic, but because they hope you can give them an answer to a question or problem they have. If your article is about gardening, for example, don't merely talk about how much fun gardening is, but include examples of useful gardening techniques. The information in your article should come down to solving a particular problem. Take the time to look up useful facts for your article and don't use outdated information. You don't want to put in out of date information that is already useless. To get the most reliable information, don't only use other articles for research, but check out quality news sites as well.

Don't include content that sounds as if it defies logic or that is infantile, as this is another common mistake. The online audience has matured over the past few years and they know what good content is and what's bad. In this case, your reader's opinion of you is all that matters. You won't want to stuff your article with pointless words just to make the proper word count.

You will also want to keep focused on the topic when writing the article. If you happen to get away from the topic you're writing about, readers will go on to other things rather than finish your article. Keep your article focused in one single direction and have a clear idea of where your article is actually taking you. The more you can focus on that thing, and the more information you can provide, the better the article will be.

You don't want to do what many writers do, which is talk about how great they are. They get so engrossed in their writing that they forget what their readers want. Your aim here is to provide quality information, which is helpful to them. There's no point in writing articles that people have no reason to read. The content of your articles should always be geared towards the reader and solving his problems. Surveys and polls that you place on your website or mail to your list can provide you with information on what kind of content people want. You can also find out what people online are searching for by doing keyword research.

Article writing just takes time to develop, and that's especially for writing on the internet. There are many reasons why article writers make the same mistakes over and over again, but one of the main causes for this is no proper preparation. Just try to keep your articles simple, avoid too much of heavy vocabulary and don't over-stretch them. The attention should be tailored more towards the article and resource box quality, as that combination is what is going to bring you the most success.


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