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How to Be More Successful as a Manager

Updated on July 28, 2011
Managerial Success
Managerial Success | Source

Managing people and processes sometimes involves difficult decisions and challenging problems. People can be troublesome and processes are often not completely understood. A manager has to acquire both people skills and a deep knowledge of the important work processes people utilize in their jobs. A manager is a key resource in a business or organization and is relied on to keep workers productive and plans effective. Here are a few ways that managers can be more successful.

Focus on the Needs of Your People to Be More Successful as a Manager

Connecting with your associates is an important step in getting their best effort. Most people want to do a good job and usually they will do their best for you if they believe that you sincerely care about their welfare. Caring is a two-way street; if employees feel that no one really cares about them they will be unlikely to go above and beyond the call of duty. Get to know your associates as people to be a more successful manager.

Hire Good People to Be More Successful as a Manager

If you are involved in hiring try to ensure that the people you interview and hire are really good people. That could mean different things depending on the job, but one factor is character. People of good character don't lie, cheat, steal, malinger, gossip, or sabotage others. Instead, they help, support, pitch in, care, tell the truth, and don't rationalize bad behavior. Hiring people of good character is a great start for any manager.

Manage Your Own Character and Behavior

Make sure that you are a good role model for others. That means following the golden rule, treating others well, justly, and with respect. Credit others with their contributions and achievements and be quick to recognize them publicly. Share your success with those who helped you succeed. Let everyone know that, as their manager, you appreciate their efforts.

Manage your own learning, too. Educate yourself on what good leadership and management are and work to hone the skills you'll need to be successful.

Be a Coach and Mentor to Be More Successful as a Manager

To have more success as a manager you sometimes will need to be a coach and mentor for younger or junior colleagues. Most people have relative strengths and weaknesses which you will see more clearly than they can. Tell them about both, how they can take advantage of their strengths and what they can do to shore up their weaknesses.

Schedule regular meetings with your people to counsel them on career development and show them that you care about their success. You will need to think about these issues and prepare for having individual sessions with your associates. Doing these things should help you focus even more on your employees, their well being, and, as a result, the success of your team should grow.

Keep Your Boss Informed

Bosses don't like surprises but they dislike cover ups of bad news even more. Make sure you keep your boss current on the progress you and your team are making and ask for suggestions should you need help. A good manager manages his or her own relationship with a supervisor.

Be a Team Player

Think of the larger effort of which you are a part and initiate brainstorming sessions with other managers on how you all can work together to improve performance. Let your boss know what you are doing and invite him or her to play a role. Be task oriented with this initiative and make sure that it succeeds for the benefit of all. You will be seen as not only a good manager, but as an effective leader as well.

Never Forget Your People to Be More Successful as a Manager

Always remember that the careers of the people who work for you are in your hands. You will most likely have great success as a manager if you will help your people succeed, too.


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