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How to Be Successful on Etsy

Updated on June 19, 2013

Etsy is the newest craze to hit the internet since Ebay when it comes to selling your personal or handmade items. Here are some simple steps to ensuring success on this new money making site!

Tip #1

Be Organized. Keep your storefront on Etsy organized and full of as much detail for each product as possible. Customers like details; they like to know what they are buying. If there is a cute story or inspiration behind what you are selling include it.

Tip #2

Utilize SEO. Implement keywords throughout your storefront. For example, if you are selling a 16 x 20 canvas print of original artwork, then be sure to include Canvas, Artwork and Original in your description. This will help buyers sort through the masses and get them straight to you.

Tip #3

Use Social Networks. Promote your Etsy site on all of the social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all great places to advertise yourself. Every time you ad something to your collection, promote it! If you are having a sale, promote it! Any and every little thing you can promote, do it. The point is to get people to your store.

Tip #4

Get a Domain Name. Get a domain and forward it to your Etsy domain address. This will make it easier to promote it via word of mouth and looks more professional on business cards.

Tip #5

Print Business Cards. Which actually brings us to the fifth and final tip; get business cards. No matter how big or small you are, business cards just make you look professional. Be sure to include your web address.

16 x 20 Canvas Art
16 x 20 Canvas Art | Source


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