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How to Be Your Own Social Media Marketing Manager

Updated on November 3, 2011
social media marketing could be the missing piece
social media marketing could be the missing piece

Being a social media manager is often found in the top jobs lists for 2012 and is a critical element of any business’ marketing plan. The challenge for most small businesses is that between to take care of daily operations, book keeping, and employees while managing a balanced life does not leave time to learn how to properly execute a social media online marketing plan. Simultaneously most small businesses cannot afford to bring in a online marketing manager to take set up and maintain their online marketing objectives. The unfortunate result is that many business owners spend too much time using ineffective techniques that produce few tangible results. Thus, the birth of the social media manager has become one of the fastest growing careers of the decade. Social media has become the number one way to brand your business and get found online, however, it is not as easy as placing simple sporadic posts here and there. Anymore the internet is the first place people go when they need to know something and a properly managed social media marketing plan will get your business found. The average time an internet browser gives a website is mere seconds, however, a well planned social media campaign can capture their interest, keep them interested, and coming back for more.

Social Media Marketing Can Get Your Business Found.
Social Media Marketing Can Get Your Business Found.

What is a social media marketing manager?

The definition of a social media manager is broad, however, in general a online marketing manager is there to help you set up your social media marketing plan, create a schedule for your posting routine, and educate you on how the various sites work together. This will create a cohesive message and image for your business that is accessible through multiple avenues. Many social media marketing managers have the ability to create custom pages, have working knowledge of the latest SEO tactics, and are able to analyze the most effective times to post.

A well planned social media marketing plan will include a routine of blogging, networking, video and podcasting, on sites like YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Blogger, and Google Plus business. This plan will utilize techniques that will create the brand or image of your business and be a major part of your SEO plan through creating an interactive experience for your customers. It can become a major part of your customer service and communication platform as well.

Social Media Marketing Could Take Your Business to the Next Level
Social Media Marketing Could Take Your Business to the Next Level

What are the results of a proper social media management marketing plan?

A properly managed social media marketing plan will engage your customers, create “word of mouth” advertising, and provide traceable results. In order to do this a business must have a comprehensive plan in place that is consistent, provides relevant valuable information, be widely distributed to establish your brand as the expert, and be able to create a list of customers to market to. If these things are achieved through online marketing and social media a business can expect to not only expand its reach to new customers but create more repeat business from existing clients which will result in more consistent and reliable sales. When your customers become a part of your social media marketing plan they will feel more engaged and vested to your business which is vital to any business’ success in this day and age.

How much does a social media manager cost?
How much does a social media manager cost?

How much does a social media manger cost?

Because of the fact that social media marketing is a very labor intensive process many medium and large businesses are engaging the use of social media marketing managers. Unfortunately for many small businesses this can be a cost prohibitive addition to their marketing efforts. The average salary for a social media manager ranges from $29,000 - $79,000 a year plus bonuses depending on experience and of course the size of the company. Many companies are simply cutting that budget out of their more traditional advertising avenues putting it into their social media campaigns.

There are also many independent freelance “social media managers” who will manage your existing social sites, suggest changes, and manage your posts for you. These less comprehensive providers main function is to create relevant posts and grow your following. They will provide this service for many different small businesses and can range in price from about $500 - $1000/month.

Alternatives to a social media manager
Alternatives to a social media manager

What alternatives are there to hiring a social media manager?

Most business owners find the tasks of educating themselves, keeping up with changes, and maintaining a consistent regiment of blogging, posting, and interacting far too labor intensive to do themselves. So what is the small business owner to do if they would like to compete on any kind scale with an online campaign?

As the economy becomes tougher and consumer spending gets tighter it is more important than ever to do everything within reach to promote your business. The Merchant Doctor, as a merchant services provider, feels that it is imperative to provide our clients with the tools necessary to succeed and to do so inexpensively. The more successful our clients are the more successful our business is not to mention the economy as a whole. This belief has led to the creation of unique “stand alone” products like gift and loyalty programs, mobile marketing programs, and customer clubs.

Over the last year we have assembled some of the top social media marketers and developers from across the country to create a social media management program for the everyday business owner. The Merchant Doctor wanted to streamline the process by providing a professional social media marketing program with a simple way to manage it so you can focus on your business.

The programs offered by the Merchant Doctor will create and manage unique pages on FaceBook, Google Plus business, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. It also takes care of your search engine submission and user review site submissions while optimizing your program for all the major search engines. The Merchant Doctor can even customize a website and a mobile website while integrating a Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The program can also come complete with Mobile Marketing, post management, and Mobile Payment processing. The Merchant Doctor even has teams that specialize in developing high quality content, video content, link building services, and many other services to save you time.

The best part is that you are provided a Social Media Dashboard which is a platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once. Simply log in to your dashboard from anywhere and:

- Reach customers via email, SMS and social media. Update multiple social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and blogs at once.

- Read and respond to what people are saying about your brand across the social web.

- Create online marketing campaigns in seconds. Pre schedule automated messages for birthdays and other events.

- Measure the effectiveness of your social media and email campaigns. Track the success of your marketing efforts.

- Use the Merchant Doctor’s powerful automated marketing tools to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

Depending on your specific needs there are three levels of participation $119, $229, and $339/Month bringing the cost of an effective social media marketing campaign easily within reach of your business. To create and maintain a marketing program as detailed and cutting edge as this many businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars just to get it set up and then have to hire people to manage it. There is no contract so to get started today, simply fill out the 2 minute application now and take the burden of your social media headaches off your shoulders!

For more detailed information or to get your business started right away simply write the Merchant Doctor or call Rhett at 775-745-1087 and we will be happy to answer your questions. The Merchant Doctor is dedicated to providing the highest quality merchant services and is constantly searching for ways to make your business more successful.

Merchant Doctor Social Media Management Programs
Merchant Doctor Social Media Management Programs


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    • merchantdoctor profile image

      merchantdoctor 5 years ago from Reno

      That's exactly right, Brad! ...and with our Merchantdoctor Media Bundle described in this article, We are going to offer our clients a 40% discount on the purchase price simply for allowing The Merchant Doctor to save you money on your Credit Card Processing! ...not bad!

    • bradhughes profile image

      bradhughes 5 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Social Media is important for a business to also be found online and reach out to people with same interest.

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