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How to Be a Fireman in America

Updated on November 2, 2013

Working Firefighters

Real California Firefighters
Real California Firefighters | Source

Getting Hired

Many people trying to get into a career in the fire service ask themselves this question, how to be a fireman. Careers in the fire service are one of most rewarding service careers available in the United States of America. Most kids are born with the dream of growing up and becoming a firefighter. Getting hired in onto a department is not an easy task however, with the right knowledge and taking the most efficient steps you can, may speed up the process and enable you to live your dream about how to be a fireman. Children are drawn to the dream of living in a firehouse with a crew and responding to emergency calls and most importantly saving lives! The loud sirens, the bright lights and spectacular gear and machinery used when fighting fires is an easy sell to most children. How to be a fireman can be directly related to peoples attraction to being a hero by running into a burning building to save a victim or even a family special pet. Getting hired in the fire service is a journey and dream that needs to be taken very seriously if you are passionate about becoming a firefighter. How to be a fireman? Easy, simply follow a few steps that improve your value to fire departments that are hiring and be at the right place at the right time. The fire service relies on timing an communication. The different fire departments in each county or city rely on two way radios and other methods for communicating with each other to ensure the entire nation has coverage throughout the year including national holidays in which most government workers have the day off.

Aspiring fireman need to think about the different aspects of the service career and need to acknowledge what kind of dedication to the physical, mental and most importantly the emotional roller coaster working in the fire service may weigh on you and your family. How to be a fireman can be taken in steps. One of the first steps is to fill out as many applicants for fire departments that are hiring. The different department have similar requirements to be able to apply although some may require more education or certification before they allow you to fill out an application. Most large fire departments like Los Angeles County or Los Angeles City fire departments only require the candidate to be eighteen with no requirement for extra certifications like a paramedic licenses or a class A license which allows you to operate large vehicles such as a fire engine. How to be a firemen is something that every person has an opinion of however, by following these few steps it will greatly enhance your chances of getting hired. How to be a fireman by keeping a clean criminal record by driving safely and abiding by the state laws. Most fire departments will throw away a candidates application if they see that the recruit has a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). How to become a firefighter is easy, simply keep a clean record and get fire related experience and apply to as many fire departments as possible.


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